Below are some of the responses received from readers and users of my e-book – Fitness: Inside and Out – A Guide to Improved Health, Vigor and Vitality.

I read the Book ‘Fitness: Inside and Out’ and must admit I was impressed with the author’s impeccable attention to detail and information. Being into fitness and an overall improvement of my health, I will say with confidence that I was truly edified with the information in this text. I highly recommend this as a tool for the true health seeker.

Josh Wood

I have read Foras’ book and am excited to realize that there are still texts that lean towards nature’s methods of healing and improving the body, mind and soul without being overly fanatical. This book is a balance of information needed for improving not only the physical, but mental and spiritual health of the body using drugless methods of the past and present.

Lamel Young

In addition to these statements, there are many public figures who apply some, if not all of the methods outlined in this book for that seemingly bountiful glow and fitness they include such celebrities as Madonna, Russell Simmons, Ricky Martin, Sting, Prince, Beyonce, Angela Bassett, Quincy Jones and several others.

You need not spend countless money and hours on empty weight-loss and fitness fads, dangerous and unnecessary medications and overly expensive exercise equipments and diet programs. By adhering to the methods outlined in this e-book, you definitely will be on your path to alleviating your encumbrances in attaining optimal health and fitness.

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