Sivananda-Yoga Tutorial For Sale (First Style of Yoga)

Sivananda-Yoga Tutorial For Sale (First Style of Yoga)

Have you always been intrigued by Yoga but never got around to doing it for whatever reason. Well, now you can learn it right in the comfort of your home with helpful videos, photos and step-by-step guides with this new publication.

The Sun Exercises The Shoulderstand
poses yoga poses

Not only will you learn about this ancient art-form that is still superior
when it comes to physical fitness, but you will also learn about dietetic
habits that can supplement this physical culture to make you even healthier
than you could have imagined going into yoga.

(Then again, the diet prescribed
here IS A LIMB INTO YOGA ITSELF…so that’s to be expected!!)

So, dear friends, what are you waiting for?


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