Recipes For A Healthy and Tasty Vegetarian Diet

Overview of A Healthy and Tasty Vegetarian Diet

The recipes being offered herewith are given to keep in line with the concept of eating just Fruits; Fruit-Vegetables (e.g. Cucumber, Tomatoes, Zucchini) Leafy & Root Vegetables.

These items make up the basic ingredients that would make up the acclaimed Mucus-Less Diet owing to the fact that when properly prepared and consumed these items help to curtail excess mucus and the overall eradication of diseases and toxins.

The only condiment listed here for flavoring is Uniodized Sea-Salt and I have explained why in chapter 11 of my other book “The Divine Health Guides” which is available on my website at

In addition, I personally don’t eat any animal products for the facts that I don’t want to and of course, needless to say, they are quite harmful especially these days, therefore, I have not offered any preparation tips for animal by-products.

However, if you must eat meat, you could always re-read my post on

for exactly how that should be done for health. Basically, you would want to consume only biblically clean animals, birds and fish and try to avoid frying, condiments and excess. In addition, it appears that the only way they could and should be prepared will be by boiling, baking or roasting-just as long as the Fat is removed and frying and addition of fat is avoided.

Note: This is not any special diet, you don’t need to count calories, worry about vitamins etc-the key is have your choice of these fruits as outlined in their seasons pre-washed and available to eat INSTEAD OF ALL UNHEALTHY SNACKS AND PROCESSED, REFINED OR JUNK FOODS and when hunger dictates, to get your body used to the transition, nibble ONLY from the items listed and when thirsty, drink ONLY the unflavored lemonade (room temperature water 3 quarts + 3 lemons).

To begin getting the body used to eating proper items, you can undertake this method of eating all day and have your choice of fruit, salads, soups or steamed vegetables at night made up of the fruits and vegetables.

Subsequently, every morning squeeze 2-3 lemons into 2-3 quarts of water (room temperature) and drink ONLY that as thirst dictates. Drink a whole quart BEFORE NOON to balance out the PH levels in your body, then sip as you desire the rest of the day. (If needed, please refer to THIS POST for more on the benefits of Lemon and Lime Juice.)

In addition, try to ensure that you are seated at the given times of eating and you eat only one food item at a time, for example all the grapes you want, followed by all the apples you want etc…but at least trying to give a 5 minute space between each kind of fruit. Then at night you should eat your fruits and /or vegetables. Furthermore, try to stick to the seasons and other essentials listed in the previous chapters leading up to this.

Although most of the produce to be mentioned here can be fried and could honestly taste good, remember folks, we are eating for health and not for taste. Moreover, the staples used here will still be delicious even when properly cooked, baked, roasted or steamed.

So, for more tips on how to combine tasty recipes with proper exercises, using mostly your own body weight, scroll below to grab a copy of FITNESS INSIDE AND OUT TODAY!.

FEATURED VIDEO: Environne Fruit and Vegetable Wash

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