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I’ve tried several so called Weight-Loss programs, Diets and so on, what makes your Program so different?

My program is a combination of proper diet, exercise (using mostly your own body weight) and positive mental attunements, which are the three limbs of Naturopathy otherwise known as Drug-less healing. This has been known to eradicate most, if not all, of modern man’s health problems (excess weight being a common one). With the knowledge of Body Healing and Cleansing Foods (not supplements and fads), the specific exercises I describe and the methods of increasing the power of the mind that I offer, working hand-in-hand, weight loss, increase in health and fitness and overall vigor, longevity and vitality are the sure end results.

How long will it take for me to see Results?

It depends on your level of discipline and commitment. For much quicker results, Chapter 17 of my e-book describes a sure fire way to lose the excess weight and toxins and in conjunction with the Sun Exercises and the other exercises described in Chapters 1-7 and the Section on diet, you could see results in as early as 2 weeks. I am more concerned that you become healthier and purer versus emaciated and still diseased.

What do I need?

Your body, your will, open space and maybe a few props such as an exercise mat, depending on your level of present flexibility: blocks, belts, for calisthenics: the Ab-Rollers, Push-up and Pull up bars and of course, your desire to want to improve yourself.

I see Yoga is mentioned in your program, what if I’m not flexible enough, can I still engage in it and moreover does it really help with weight loss, it looks just like stretching to me?

Yes to both questions and No, it is not just stretching. It is more than that. In fact yoga is the oldest form of physical culture known to man; furthermore, it is the core of some Martial Arts, Dancing (for example ballet and Break Dancing) Calisthenics and its popular cousin, Pilates. As you engage in it, your mental faculties become broadened, you acquire control of involuntary muscles and organs in the body, your arteries, veins and muscles are kept elastic (and as a result aging is delayed!) and as far as increased flexibility and rapid weight loss is concerned, with adherence to my principles on diet in Section 3 of the e-book and the Sun Exercises discussed in Chapter 2, results are to be expected within several days to a few weeks.
Why fruits and vegetables only?
Well they simply are the best items to nourish and at the same time cleanse the body. Included in our diet regimen are raw recipes as well as cooked to appeal to a wide variety of people and their dietetic and taste needs.

What sort of detoxifying effects does the average person experience with your prescribed diet?
It really depends on how you have been living your life prior to switching over to a healthier lifestyle. In considering this, I have done the research and culled the diet that systematically cleanses and nourishes the body in a gradual process to at least make the process bearable for the majority. Coupled along with occasional 2-3 fasts and restricted fruit diets, it should be bearable for most.

These are most of the questions people have on Naturopathy especially in regards to the inclusion of yoga and calisthenics. For the less common ones, I have included them in Chapter 19 of my e-book for your reference. Feel free to contact me for more information if need be at any time.
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