New Tutorial shows How To Control Depression Naturally.

New Tutorial shows How To Control Depression Naturally.

Don’t dismiss this information just yet!

Hey, with the high percentage of depressed Americans (about 10 % of the
population to be exact), it should come as no surprise that some form of depression medication is being administered to depression patients on an almost daily basis.

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What should be more of a concern are the side-effects common to these forms of depression medication. The most common side effects some depression medications, according to the Zoloft web site are dry mouth, upset stomach, decreased appetite, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, tremor, feelings of agitation, indigestion, and increased perspiration.

These side effects are even more pronounced in children who are prescribed
this drug for child-hood depression. Other less mentioned, yet equally
frightening symptoms of some so-called depression-help drugs are liver
problems, hallucinations, psychosis…you get the gist right?!

Now, when depression patients finally get informed of the dangers of these
forms of depression medication, automatically, they take the steps to try to
cease its use. Is this easy? No. Take Zoloft for example; withdrawal symptoms
have included dizziness, extreme nausea and high fever. Some other side-effects have been labeled as so painful that patients seeking to end the use of this depression medication have actually committed suicide to end their misery.

From all the factors above, it will be safe to say no depression medication
drug can truly help mental disorders. Brain chemicals can be temporarily
adjusted, but not permanently fixed. It will be best to seek natural treatment
methods such as getting counseling, Yoga and a change in dietetic habits
incorporating short fasts as the latter has been deemed a panacea for nearly all ailments known to man, including depression.

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