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Natural Asthma Treatment

Have you been told there is no cure for asthma?

Do you find yourself wheezing after laughing, or walking up the stairs or playing? Do you find yourself gasping for breath when a friend slaps you playfully on the back?Do you constantly have to reach for your inhaler at night robbing you of much needed sleep? If these scenarios sound similar to you, I am offering you this information for an effective and natural treatment based on my experiences in dealing with lifelong Asthma.I had been an asthmatic for as long I can remember up until my last attack about 4 years ago. I recall being told as a kid that I couldn’t go out to play at times for weeks on end, couldn’t eat my favorite snacks (which in retrospect was correct on the doctor’s part), that I had to carry my inhaler with me at all times etc. These burdens and the symptoms above lingered with me way into my early adulthood till I stumbled on natural control methods. Yes, drug-free healing methods friends- for a successful treatment. asthma treatments

First, You need to know the CAUSE of your asthma:

According to medical research, Asthma is an allergic inflammation of the lungs. Moreover, an asthma attack can be triggered by chemicals, air pollutants, pollens, molds, dust, animal dander, foods, exercise, and even temperature changes.

An asthma trigger produces allergens, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream causing the B cells or white blood cells to produce billions of molecules of the antibody IgE. The IgE molecules in the bloodstream combine with the mast cells, which line the blood vessels or basophils.

Both mast cells and basophils contain histamine and serotonin. Finally the antibody IgE causes the mast cells and basophils to leak the histamine and serotonin into the blood stream. This leaking of histamine produces allergy and asthma symptoms: itchy, runny nose and eyes, blocked sinuses, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

However, the pioneers and practitioners of Naturopathy believe that 99.9% OF ALL DISEASES ARE A RESULT OF CONSTIPATION, A CLOGGING UP OF THE BODILY TISSUES!

This can manifest itself in a number of ways as the body attempts to rid itself of these encumbrances. Even healers of the Medical Fraternity have accepted that disease is a result of foreign matter in the body, brought about mostly by what we consume. “You are what you eat” is a radical statement that says so much in so little and thus should not be taken lightly especially in regards to seeking a drug-free alternative asthma treatment.

Based on my experiences with asthma and the measures I took to eradicate not only its symptoms but those of Acne, Lethargy and Halitosis, if you want a successful treatment method-with the added benefit of improved health-I present you with some helpful guidelines, however, let’s go over some commonly prescribed drugs for asthma and see really if their side-effects are worth their use, shall we?
Asthma Medications may NOT be worth the side effects!

Ventolin as an inhaler or oral medication, is arguably the most prescribed from of medication for asthma. However, studies have indicated that this drug might actually cause more harm than good in regards to treating the disorder. Now symptoms of these side effects do vary from patient to patient as no 2 humans are alike, nonetheless here are some of the side effects as revealed by research.

-Side effects

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.

  • 1. Shaking, usually of the hands (tremor)
  • 2. Nervous tension
  • 3. Headache
  • 4. Faster than normal heart beat (tachycardia)
  • 5. Awareness of your heart beat (heart palpitations)
  • 6. Muscle cramps
  • 7. Low blood potassium level (hypokalaemia)
  • 8. Unexpected narrowing of the airways (paradoxical bronchospasm)

The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug’s manufacturer. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, you can always view for what the drug manufacturers have indicated on the package itself.

So What Can Be Done For Asthma Treatment…Naturally?

Friends, Asthma need not be a part of your life anymore, you, like many others can control asthma and make it a thing of your past.

It is with confidence that with the guidelines specifically provided in the e-book: Fitness: Inside and Out-on a Proper diet (especially in this case) and Exercise (again, emphasis on the Sun Salutations in chapter 2, before all else) that you too will succeed in curing your respiratory problem with the added bonus of improved health.

Furthermore, based on my personal experiences I have recently updated Chapter 10 of the eBook with specific methods for curing Asthma naturally and alleviating its symptoms with absolutely no-side effects and excessive costs.

Nevertheless, here are some tips to implement starting right now:

1. Avoid excessively cold drinks. (More on that in the publication)

2. Avoid excessive exposure to cold, air-conditioning, and heaters (without the use of humidifiers and a cracked window for fresh air during winter times- Hint: sleep closer to the cracked window, While I lived in Minneapolis, MN for two years that was my trick to ensure I was properly ventilated at night)

3. Use a shower-filter when taking a shower to avoid inhaling toxic chlorine fumes.

Now, I have not had an asthma attack in over 10 years and do NOT MISS my Ventolin Inhaler, pills or shots!!

However, the saying is anything worth having is worth fighting for.

So, in addition to the few steps given above you will have to make another simple, effective sacrifice and that is to change your diet.

This is a must and a fact that has been in effect in several programs aimed at correcting respiratory health such as the “Breath Retaining Program For Asthmatics” developed by the Russian, Dr. Buteyko. Within weeks of adhering to this advice, many a chronic asthmatic (for example yours truly) have been able to give up the use of ventolin inhalers.

Don’t you want to be one of many who can start to breathe freer starting today?

Well, go on and get your copy of Fitness: Inside and Out today!

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