Learn Yoga From Your Desktop Starting Today.

Learn Yoga From Your Desktop Starting Today.

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I will be honest with you; I took some yoga classes and found the process boring, uncoordinated and unbalanced.
Plus I hated the idea of having to shower in a community bathroom after classes and dreaded exercising and having to go home with the
possible ‘funk’ (stench) of working out!
Does this sound familiar?

Or…have you always wanted to learn Yoga but never got around
to it?
Well, don’t procrastinate anymore.
Now, you can learn the art-form in the comfort of your own home with step by step visual guides, photos and text, as well as healthy recipes to augment the Sattvic (akaYoga) Diet into your lifestyle for optimal results.
I guarantee that you should be able to learn a good 70-80%
of what it is to know about Yoga with this program.
Trust me, I wasn’t always flexible. But anyone can attain this, simply look up the Sun Salutations in THIS TEXT and you’d see how easy it is to do Yoga.
The Sun Salutations

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