Information on Natural Acne & Asthma Treatment

Information on Natural Acne & Asthma Treatment

Dealing With Acne:

There have been many times I have seen people marred with the debilitating skin disorder known as acne and perhaps because it reminds me of how my own face used to be, I can’t help but be thankful that I no longer suffer from the disease.

Not that I am insensitive to their pain, but knowing what I went through even mentally and emotionally, I sure am glad the pimples are gone.

However, it is my hope that in an attempt to reach out to such patients, in writing this article, maybe they could be led down the path of finding a cure for themselves and with natural, in-expensive and common sense methods.

Now friends, to know how acne can be cured, you’ve got to know what causes acne.

It’s perhaps the same thing that causes 90% of human ailments, the improper foods that we eat!

Why is that so?

Well, most of what we eat leads to constipation and eventually a myriad of human ailments, including acne.

That considered, it is safe to say to figure out how acne can be cured, the first step is a change in dietetic habits-plain and simple.

So, as I had to do several years ago, I hereby advise each and all acne patients to eliminate mucus forming and constipating foods from their diets, including but not limited to

1. Junk Foods.

2. Processed Foods.

3. Animal Dander

4. Most Grains (whole or not) (Brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth might be some compromising exceptions if grains have to be consumed.)

Once these are done away with, the next step would be to replace these with alkaline, and body healing foods (known for their healing and nourishing properties) which include your fruits, leafy and some root vegetables.

Needless to say, not only will this simple change in diet make for a clearer and smoother skin, it will also give the added benefit of improved health and overall wellness.

Another really important that I must add is BY ALL MEANS AVOID THE MICROWAVE.

This will be the topic of another article friends, but trust me; I will not intentionally give you misleading information regarding your health.

In addition, to placate your curiosity, you can always Google the health hazards of Microwaves, or better still, refer to chapter 18 of this book to see for yourself how much harm this convenience device may be doing to your body, which of course is reflected on the exterior by the appearance and state of your skin’s health.

Now, back to this article, to make the afore-mentioned dietetic changes even more effective for curing acne, you could go as far as to try a simple fast for a few days on fresh fruit juices, or try the simpler yet more-or-less effective method of trying a restricted diet of a mono-meal of fruits.

This fast/restricted diet of fruits should precede any dietetic change for the better and can be applied in this order.

-A week of fruits then a juice fast for 2-3 days then another week of fruits.

-Go straight into a 2-3 day fast, then re-attune the visceral organs to solid food with 2-3 days of raw, seasonal and if possible organic fruits.

Co-ops, farmers markets will come in handy to save money when buying organic, and of course the use of a specified Fruit and Vegetable Wash is indispensable. Moreover, if you just cannot go organic for some fruits, at least try to make sure they are not on the Dirty Dozen list of the most pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables which includes apples, pears, most imported fruits and berries, root and fruit vegetables.

Now, if you want a breakdown on exactly how I wash my face then read the following.

Here’s A Synopsis Of Exactly How I Wash My Face.

In the mornings, I put on a sweat shirt or sweater and turn on some cold water and rinse my face first by applying cold water to it several times, making sure to clean it using my palm to rub my face firmly in a circular motion. I also ensure that I pay attention to the corners of the eyes, the side of the nostrils and right underneath my chin. Perhaps this could be seen as exfoliating. However, I may end up applying water to my face easily a dozen or more times rinsing it thoroughly.

On a side note, I put on such a thick item so I don’t get the chills from using cold water which tends to make my breathing difficult and I have to avoid and recommend you don’t use hot water from the faucet due to the Chlorine Fumes that come from the unfiltered taps that could aggravate respiratory diseases such as Asthma and Bronchitis. In addition, hot water just isn’t that great for the delicate skin of the face when used in excess.

Then I use about 4 halves of Paper Towel Sheets to apply Witch Hazel to my face generously. I apply the Witch Hazel about a total of 4 times all over my face. Afterwards, I rinse the face by applying cold water to it again about 5-6 times, then do my routine for cleaning my mouth, teeth and gums as I outlined in Chapter 17 of this book.

Next, I attend to my morning duties and chores (basically washing my fruit and cleaning up the house or whatever else I have to do).

Then I take a shower using the Irish Spring Deodorant Soap ONLY for my hair and body. (Yes, I am bending the rules in regards to chemicals and all that when it comes to soap, but hey, it seems to work and let’s face it, we really can’t avoid ALL chemicals but can only reduce their effects on us) Now, the exact soap I use may not be your preference and when I do visit Nigeria, I only use the Traditional African Black Soap which may be used and can be found in some African Stores.

However, when taking a shower, after washing my hair, I DO NOT rub my face with excessive hot water or let it run on my face because it tends to aggravate a resultant dry skin AND pimples-for me. At most, to get rid of any excessive soapy residue from washing my hair, I simply cup my hands together, fill them up with the warm water (while using a shower filter of course AT ALL TIMES), then I GENTLY splash the water on my face, rubbing it with the water in a downward stroke 2-3 times at most.

At times, I may give the parts closer to the ears and chin a rub while doing this.

(And of course, so nothing gets in my mouth, I blow my nose, clear my throat and spit any residue out of my mouth literally several times.)

On the subject of Irish Spring Soap, I must mention that I don’t use the Irish Spring Body Wash for the simple fact that the one time I tried using it, I came out of the shower sweating profusely and I noticed that the water didn’t drain as fast and I was inexplicably weak the whole day. I cannot say for sure, but I suspect the product may have some toxins that made my body react in such a way.

After I am done showering, I proceed to brushing my hair, using deodorant (per the information on that in Chapter 20 of this book), and putting on my clothes and shoes. Afterwards, I put on a clean jacket or sweat shirt (or sometimes even my leather jacket) to avoid the chills and I wash my face again and I use about 2 halves of Paper Towel Sheets to apply Witch Hazel to my face generously. (This time, I apply the Witch Hazel about a total of 2-3 times all over my face.) Afterwards, I rinse the face again, then rinse my mouth, attend to some other things and drink my daily lemonade (as depicted in Chapter 14 of this book).

Excuse the intricate details, but I just want to give you an idea of how I clean my face in the hopes that it could be a yardstick of sorts for you to experiment with.

Furthermore, some other steps that I recommend you add to this systematic approach on controlling acne through a healthy diet and basic hygiene are as follows:

1. Change your pillowcases daily.

2. Only use paper towels to wipe your face versus the same old towel day after day that inevitably will be a breeding ground for germs and dirt.

3.  Ladies, avoid excessive make-up (See Chapter 19 of this book for more on this subject.)

4. For males, shave (mostly downward) in the direction of the beard’s growth to avoid ingrown hairs.

So there you have it, the fundamental steps that can be implemented for getting the clearer skin you’ve always wanted…without spending excessive money and time on so-called acne cures.

I sincerely wish you the best in overcoming your acne trouble my friend.


Supplemental Reading on Asthma Control

As you may have noticed from reading on my tips on acne management, one of the added bonuses of curing my acne naturally was getting rid of my asthma. To that effect, I will like to share these bits of information with you in regards to overcoming Asthma problems naturally.

Tips for Asthma Management:

Do you find yourself wheezing after laughing, or walking up the stairs or playing? Do you find yourself gasping for breath when a friend slaps you playfully on the back? Do you constantly have to reach for your inhaler at night robbing you of much needed sleep? If these scenarios sound similar to you, I am offering you this information for an effective and natural treatment based on my experiences in dealing with lifelong Asthma.

I had been an asthmatic for as long I can remember up until my last attack about 4 years ago. I recall being told as a kid that I couldn’t go out to play at times for weeks on end, couldn’t eat my favorite snacks (which in retrospect was correct on the doctor’s part), that I had to carry my inhaler with me at all times etc. These burdens and the symptoms above lingered with me way into my early adulthood till I stumbled on natural control methods. Yes, drug-free healing methods friends- for a successful treatment.

1. First and foremost, you absolutely have to give up all processed foods and animal products such as meat, milk, eggs and the like from your diet This is a must and a fact that has been in effect in several programs aimed at correcting respiratory health such as the “Breath Retaining Program For Asthmatics” developed by the Russian, Dr. Buteyko. Within weeks of adhering to this advice, many a chronic asthmatic have been able to give up the use of ventolin inhalers. The novice might cry out: Where will I get my proteins from if I do that? There are more than sufficient amounts of proteins in Fruits and Vegetables and detailed information on the exact needs for protein (which, according to Dr. Stanley Burrough’s is actually about a nickel’s weight worth per-day) is provided in depth in Chapter 15 of this book.

2. From my own experience, DO NOT CONSUME LIQUIDS WITH YOUR MEALS AT ANY TIME. This inhibits digestion by diluting the necessary juices in your stomach designated for that purpose. As a result, it hinders the much-needed expansion of the diaphragm and consequently a constriction of the lungs- the bellows of life giving air- which results in the wheezing sounds any asthma patient is familiar with. Moreover, mucus forming foods tend to all the more worsen an already detrimental situation in your respiratory tract. (Details on Mucus Forming Foods are provided in Chapter 13 of this material.

3. Realize that the air you breathe is of more importance than even the foods you consume, thus all efforts need to be made to breathe correctly at all times. For a good example of this, observe an infant who breathes naturally with minimal effort without raising the shoulders or stiffening the stomach. This is how one should breathe.

The author of the Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, Swami Vishnu Devananda attested to curing many patients with asthma problems by correcting their breathing habits and with the introduction of a proper diet and exercise. You are now being provided with similar and up to date information on the tried-and true techniques and information for a successful asthma treatment-naturally.

Here is a simple test to see exactly how one should breathe.

Correct Breathing Techniques For Asthma:

In order to acquire the most amount of air through minimal effort, do the following tests to see which is the most beneficial.

Test 1
Sit erect in a chair. Ensure that the spine is straight. Now relax the abdominal region. Do not raise the chest or bend forward.Now accompanying the sound of a metronome, set at 60 beats per minute or a good sounding clock, inhale while allowing the diaphragm to descend without raising the chest and/or shoulders. The aim should be for the dome of the abdomen to have a slight outward curve NOT, as some so-called vocal instructors insist, as in “Sing from your diaphragm!” Count how many seconds of inhalation you can do with this method and take mental notes.

Test 2
-Sit erect as in Test 1.

-Now defy test one’s objective and stiffen the diaphragm.

-Next expand the chest and take a long deep breath. Here the breathing will be done via the respiratory muscles connected with the ribs.

-Do you notice how much air you can actually inhale through this…not much right?

Test 3
-Again sit erect as in the previous positions.

Contracting the abdomen take a deep breath by raising the shoulders and the collarbones,

-Your test will show that you can inhale only but so much via this method.

Test #1 is known as Deep breathing
Test #2 is known as Chest breathing
Test #3 is known as High/Shallow Breathing

Naturally Deep breathing is the best and might only be mastered by conscious effort or via the Sun salutations and especially the Shoulder Stand and its counter poses described in detail in chapter 3 of this my e-book Fitness: Inside and Out- A Guide to Improved Health, Vigor and Vitality. (Moreover, a proper diet like the one prescribed in Section 3 of the downloadable text tends to steer you in that route naturally!)

As much emphasis as is being laid on inhalation, exhalation also plays an important role as the very bottom of the lungs are rarely emptied since mostly the apex of these vital organs are usually involved in exhalation. To correct this error the following exercises illustrate the best and the most efficient ways to enhance full and conscious exhalation.

They are some of the simpler breathing exercises that just about anyone can and should perform with ease.

Minor Breathing Exercises For Asthma:

1. Inhalation and Exhalation:
-Either laying flat on a bed or sitting erect commence to breathing deeply (emphasis on the method outlined in Test #1) using a stop-watch or metronome to keep track of the time. The desired ratio here is 1:2. Minimum time for inhalation should be 4 seconds gradually building up to 16. (With the time for exhalation now being 8 seconds gradually building up to 32) consciously perform this exhilarating exercise for several weeks.

2. Inhalation-Retention-Exhalation
-When you are properly established in exercise #1 the next stage included is retention. In ancient yogic texts, the required ratio would be 1:4:2 (inhalation, retention and exhalation) The minimum schedule again for this exercise is 4 seconds, gradually building up to a maximum of 16 seconds (inhalation that is) Practice this for several days or weeks till you master it and it becomes second nature. (Always perform this and any other exercises on an empty stomach.)

While executing these simple routines, I recommend you thoroughly read up on Section 3 of my ebook for information on the proper diet for health. With the confidence that in you adhering to these guidelines carefully offered that your respiratory health starts to improve, I will refer you to Chapter 2 of my e-book for detailed instructions on the wonderful Sun Exercises known by many cultures as the best exercise for humans and an iron-clad way of correcting one’s breathing, while helping to cleanse the body of excess toxins.

Is there Any Help In Yoga?

Yes my friend, some yoga poses such as the Shoulder-Stand and its counter-poses do serve as effective Yogic exercise to aid with asthma management owing to the positioning of the body while executing them. Furthermore, when using them as exercises for asthma, one need not worry about the common exercise-induced asthma attacks that may come as a result of vigorous activity as these poses are very calm and involve very little motion…hey, it’s Yoga after all.

Now for correcting breathing habits-a necessity in any form of asthma management: natural or synthetic, allow me to introduce the Sun Salutations. Owing to the mild back and forward bending motions and the emphasis on focused breathing, folks, this combination of poses, sun-bathing and focus is a known panacea amongst the Indians for correcting one’s breathing-a much sought for factor when using any kind of method to treat asthma.

They should be performed at your intensity-as has been described earlier on in this book, but as soon as you are able to perform 12 rounds with comfort, you may choose to perform the other poses and body-weight exercises described in full detail with illustrative photos and precise instructions. This will aid you in re-building your cardio-vascular endurance and also speeding up detoxification that is a huge factor in natural healing.

Products to Avoid:

Avoid at all costs eating conventional fruits, as they are loaded with disease forming pesticides and sprays that upon consumption wreak havoc on the respiratory organs. This will inhibit success in your treating your asthma.

If you must eat conventional products, try to ensure that they are not the ones listed in the dirty dozen most pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables.

Provided herewith is the list for your review:

12 Most Contaminated Produce



Sweet Bell Peppers






Grapes (Imported)




12 Least Contaminated Produce



Sweet Corn (Frozen)




Sweet Peas (Frozen)

Kiwi Fruit





Furthermore, by all means, please ensure that you use a Produce-Wash made specifically for that purpose. Although this is in no means an endorsement of the product, I personally use the Environne Fruit and Vegetable Wash along with drinking water and it can be purchased online at Amazon or in some health food stores. For more information on how to wash your fruits properly, please refer to Chapter 24 of my other book “The Divine Health Guides entitled: The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Of Produce.

It is noteworthy that besides being the healthier choice, organically grown produce tastes so much better and costs only a little more than their conventional counterparts check out your local Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods stores or Farmers’ Market with the USDA symbol of Organic Certification. (Since farmers have to wait 5-7 years for their farms to be labeled as clean, some produce might be in transition and may be healthier choices than the quite dangerous conventional produce commonly and ignorantly consumed by the majority of the population.)

Strictly avoid the use of Microwaves (you may refer to my personal experience with them in the section of this site concerning Acne Treatment -the source of information on this is issued at the end of Chapter 13 in the downloadable e-book, but for a brief overview of this topic the balancing of specific foods is not the only important aspect of a healthy diet, but as important is the manner in which the foods are cooked.

Borrowing from micro biotic practitioners who only use gas stoves, and, if convenient, a wood burning fire to heat food, it will be advised to avoid this so-called convenience device! Remember fire gives energy, vitalizing the human organism physically, mentally and spiritually.

Other Helpful Tips

1. Avoid excessively cold drinks

2. Avoid excessive exposure to cold, air-conditioning, and heaters (without the use of humidifiers and a cracked window for fresh air during winter times- Hint: sleep closer to the cracked window,

While I lived in Minneapolis, MN for two years that was my trick to ensure I was properly ventilated at night)

3. Use a shower-filter when taking a shower to avoid inhaling toxic chlorine fumes.

In addition to all of the facts mentioned above, based on scientific research, the human body goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon, and a building program from twelve noon to twelve midnight. Therefore, what is eaten during these respective periods must be harmonious with the natural processes, you will be given sufficient provision of information on this topic for a daily diet regimen that is more in line with the healthier and safer methods of consuming foods. As stated by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates who compiled a list of over four hundred herbs and their uses: “Let your food be your medicine as Nature is the healer of all diseases!”

Asthma need not be a part of your life anymore, you, like many others can control asthma and make it a thing of your past.

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