How To Use Yoga Even During Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience.

Women naturally become more in tune and aware with the many daily changes going on in their bodies and at times need help to adapt to these changes.

That, my friends, is where Yoga comes in.

Yoga exercises can increase flexibility, strength, circulation and balance.

For pregnant women, a regular Yoga practice helps to reduce swelling, back and leg pains and insomnia.

Yoga, which means union of mind and body, makes people look within themselves and understand the body mechanism. A pregnant woman who does not know the mechanics of labour will be tense and frightened during the period, which only increases the pain

However, Yoga must be practised very carefully among pregnant women, as improper exercises will bring negative effect on both moms and babies. Here are some tips for pre-natal pregnancy Yoga practise:

-General Yoga Practice may be used for the first 2 months. However, check with your doctor and do seek the advice of experienced Yoga teachers. With proper guidance, you can practice some yoga right into labor

. Moderate exercises should necessarily be practiced daily at any time of the day any number of times with an aim to strengthen mainly the limbs, abdomen and back. The asanas given below will exercise the internal organs also:

Vajrasana: Sit with knees folded and place the hips on the heels. Maintain a straight back. Relax the hands on knees.

Padmasana: This is also called the Lotuspose. Sit straight-backed with legs outstretched in front. Place the right foot on the upper thigh (nearly touching the stomach) and the left foot on the right thigh. Sit in this position for about 3-5mins.

Sukhasana: This is a simple squat on the floor. This asana not only straightens the back but is also an ideal preventive against menstrual disorders in the pre-pregnancy and post-delivery periods.

Shavasana: Also called the Corpse pose, you have to lie on the back and spread the hands and legs like a corpse. Keep the neck in a comfortable position. Breathe normally and concentrate on each part of your body starting from the toes upward.

Always end your exercising session with this asana to relax the body. Relaxation means undoing tensed muscles and therefore it is synonymous to reduction of pain.

-Breathing exercises are beneficial if done twice a day. The breathing exercises provide more oxygen and energy both to the mother and the child.

Some yoga poses that can help a pregnant women dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy, ensuring smoother and easier delivery, and faster recovery after childbirth. Pregnant women should pay attention not to overstretch the body – the ligaments around the joints become loose and soft during pregnancy. The abdomen should stay relaxed at all times. Difficult and poses that put pressure on the abdomen and other should NOT be done during advance stages of Pregnancy.

-On the diet front, spices, salts, sweets and fat should be drastically reduced.

Now is the time to look more into mucus poor or mucus less foods such as raw and properly cooked fruits, roots and vegetables.

It is essential not to be tense at all, to be happy and relaxed. If all these tips are kept  in mind and followed, you can get set for a smooth and normal delivery with a little help from Yoga.


With that being said, to learn more tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods:



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