Yoga Apparel

How to dress right for Your Practice

Yoga exercises, just like any other exercises, require that you dress right for its proper execution. With the movements and static and dynamic actions involved, it is imperative that the right apparel is chosen for your comfort and enjoyment.

These choices depend on the style, poses to be done and of course the weather.

If you currently study with a Yoga instructor or school, observe the type of apparel your teacher wears. This could be a starting point towards choosing the right clothing and even equipment for your practice, especially when just starting out with a yoga Program.

Furthermore, an instructor may best be able to tell you which places have the best deals on both yoga clothing and equipment which will save you both time and money. However, some of us practice on our own and may not have access to such sources of information, therefore, purchasing them from online sources may be an equally good alternative.

Choosing the right gear

When choosing your Yoga equipment, for each of the categories below, keep the following in mind.

1. Yoga Clothing:

Make sure the choices are loose fitting and made of fabrics that breathe, taking the sweat away from your body. If you normally sweat a lot during your Yoga practice, those types of fabrics also tend to dry out much faster when you’re workout ends – unlike cotton, which tends to stay damp for a while after your practice session ends. Watch also for fabrics that can cause skin irritation and chafing, if you’ve ever had an adverse reaction to certain types of clothes, mats or other workout clothes.

2. Yoga Mats:

Make sure they are the sticky kinds that help in keeping the poses stabilized for your comfort and ease. They come in several colors so you can make the choice that best matches or compliments the color of your clothes.

3. Yoga Props:

If other yoga equipments are needed such as belts, blocks, videos and CD’s, you should make your choices on your levels of fitness, flexibility and style of Yoga.

So, take the time to access your needs and uses equipment as a carefully chosen collection of both clothing and gear will serve you well for years and will help you keep your mind on your practice, which really is the most important factor for success with Yoga.

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