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The Shocking Rise in Autism Cases May Be Linked To What We Feed Our Children! (Part 1)

On March 29, 2012, I noticed a headline on a TV Screen which said: Autism rates rise, disorder now affects 1 in 88 children, CDC says.

Then and there I thought of the following articles in my blog as the subjects covered either combined or exclusively have been named as likely triggers for many cases of autism and other intellectual impairments. Apparently, when these culprits are removed from the diet of autistic kids, and replaced with items that are disease removing and healing, MOST of them become symptom-free!

Now, I have done more research into the subject of the link between autism and diet and it should be noted that a diet that does NOT include gluten, wheat and dairy is recommended for those individuals with autism.

In addition, dear parents, you will be better off abstaining from the biblically unclean fish and even the safe ones that are removed from polluted waters, in regards to this childhood disease.  Folks, you should know that mercury (a notorious water pollutant) is already known to cause degenerative illnesses (typically targeting the brain) in humans and malformed fetuses in pregnant mothers. Furthermore, although mercury will cause degeneration of health in adults, it is notably more concentrated when taken in by kids or gathered up in a fetus and is suspected to be a leading cause of autism, chromosomal defects (such as down’s syndrome) and other intellectual impairments.

Delving further into this subject on autism and its link to an improper diet, I would like to inform you that upon additional research into useful resources, apparently based on a lecture given by Dr. Doug Graham, author of ‘Grain Damage’, it has been discovered by Dr. Paul Shattock at the University of Sunderland in England that some grains have opiates which could also be a likely trigger for many cases of autism. Apparently, when these grains are removed from the diet of autistic kids, MOST of them become symptom-free!

That in and of itself is overwhelmingly great news and the whole gist of this book is that I would like as many people as possible to know more about these little known facts in an attempt to help save lives and make them healthier.

Therefore, since, the average meal is composed of mostly grain by-products, in addition to the tainted animal flesh and by-products, it should no longer be a mystery as to what could be causing such high cases of autism in our modern times.

On a related note, for what it is worth, another toxin in the oceans is Lead and this is said to affect the nervous system, brain, kidneys and reproductive system, so avoiding polluted fish, could be very beneficial to you and your family.

Very tellingly, in kids, lead has been associated with low IQ, slow growth and hearing defects.

Now, in a nutshell, again, when we eat items that are plant-based and disease healing (basically, plenty of fruits and vegetables) and of course augment that with the Lemonade recipe for revitalizing our drinking water, as is provided herewith, It seems virtually any disease can be outright cured, alleviated or at least prevented.

This really shouldn’t be a mystery anymore by now friends. We have two kinds of food, disease healing (fruits, vegetables, pure water) and disease forming (pretty much everything else people eat), so it’s our responsibility to eat correctly not only for ourselves but for the sake of our beloved and innocent children.

That said, it is noteworthy that many physicians are prescribing using a change in diet for autism, as up to 8 in 10 autistic children may benefit greatly. Very tellingly, The “Defeat Autism Now!” Protocol recommends that every autistic child be placed on a gluten-free, casein-free diet for at least 3 months.

So in other words, any and every autistic child should stop eating any grains, milk and or animal products. At least try it for the recommended 3 months to feed them the dishes and items given in this blog post.

It can’t hurt to have them drink some lemonade first thing in the morning and throughout the day if and when thirst dictates, and have them eat plenty of seasonal fruits with salads or root vegetable based dishes at night.

I have included the exact guidelines for this article for a general menu suggestion, so please ensure to read them carefully.

Now, if you would like to know the connection between gluten-free, casein-free diets and autism, here’s a brief explanation.

Briefly, gluten is a protein, and so is casein. Gluten is a protein fraction found in all wheat, rye, barley, and most oat products. Casein is a protein fraction found in all dairy products.

Very tellingly if a child is autistic, gluten and casein are the equivalent of poison.

This is because these poisons leak into the gut, undigested, and attach to the opiate receptors of the autistic’s brain. So, in other words, many autistic children are “drugged” on wheat and milk products, as if they were on a morphine drip.

It is noteworthy that there is now a growing body of research that shows that certain foods seem to be affecting the developing brains of some children and causing autistic behaviors. This is not because of allergies, but because many of these children are unable to properly break down certain proteins.

This has been documented based on the results of the work of researchers in England, Norway, and at the University of Florida who had previously found peptides (breakdown products of proteins) with opiate activity in the urine of a high percentage of autistic children. Opiates are drugs, like morphine, which affect brain function.

These findings have recently been confirmed by researchers at Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and it should be noted that the two main offenders seem to be gluten (the protein in wheat, oats, rye and barley) and casein (milk protein.)

Now at this stage, if applicable, a concerned parent could say that dairy products and wheat are the main kinds of foods that their kids will eat and it should be stressed that in fact you are not alone as similar comments were issued by an anonymous mother in an interview with Karyn Seroussi of the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention.

However, Seroussi responded, “There may be a good reason your child “self-limits” to these foods. Opiates, like opium, are highly addictive. If this “opiate excess” explanation applies to your child, then he is actually addicted to those foods containing the offending proteins. Although it seems as if your child will starve if you take those foods away, many parents report that after an initial “withdrawal” reaction, their children become more willing to eat other foods. After a few weeks, many children surprise their parents by further broadening their diets.”

We shall continue with More Of This Article In Part 2

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at

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“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”–Arnold Schwarzenegger


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:




In most cases, when a woman gets married, it could very well be one of the happiest days of her life. Now, when she gets pregnant, she is overjoyed!

She starts preparing herself mentally for motherhood. She starts weaving dreams of how she will bring up the child and all things she would do for her offspring.

Now, we can only imagine a tragedy it will be if a miscarriage happens. A woman is bound to be devastated and shattered beyond words!

Well, as the writer of this post, it is my hope that no one reading this will have to experience this.

However, let’s face it, bad things sometimes happen to all of us and it is a sad part of life. Nevertheless, what truly matters may be how we bounce back from tragedies.

Therefore, if you happen to have had or know someone who may have had a miscarriage, my sympathy goes out to you in this time of grief and May God give you the strength to pull through this unfortunate situation and aid you in making another life really soon.

You can take the LORD at His Word when He says: “….I will protect you from illness. There will be no miscarriages or infertility in your land, and I will give you long, full lives.” Exodus 23:25-26.

With that being said, on the other hand if you are reading this because you are planning to have a baby or are already pregnant and want preventive tips, it is my hope that this article can come on in handy as well. (Oh, and the verse above also applies to you as well!)

Now, if for whatever reason, you may not have any religious inclinations in your being, well, this article and its tips can still come in very handy for you as they are backed up by scientific and medical facts that you can always look up yourself.

So here we go.

Dear Friends, thousands of mothers, unconsciously through eating the wrong things, literally lose their babies before they are born. Here then are some of the only and correct ways to fight infantile immortality and miscarriages. These are to eat the right things and to observe basic cleanliness principles.

Certain bacterial infections are well established as possible culprits in regards to miscarriages. The specific food-borne illnesses (a.k.a. food poisoning) that are linked to miscarriage include:

1. Listeriosis

2. Salmonella enterocolitis (also known as Salmonellosis)

3. Toxoplasmosis

4. E. coli enteritis

That said, the best way to protect yourself from these food-borne infections, thus reducing the risk of miscarriage and pregnancy loss, is to avoid foods at risk of contamination during pregnancy.

Therefore, again be careful about eating in restaurants, and be more cautious when preparing food at home. So, do see to it that you carefully wash all produce that is to be consumed by you and your family.

Food-borne bacterial infections are one potentially preventable cause of miscarriage and stillbirths, so it is wise to be vigilant about what you eat during pregnancy in order to reduce your risk of food poisoning!

It should be noted that pregnant women are more susceptible to complicated infections, and in the U.S., Listeria infection during pregnancy occurs most often in the third trimester, so it is more likely to be a cause of a stillbirth than an early miscarriage.

Furthermore, pork has the parasite listeria which can seriously impair the fetus and even cause a miscarriage.

Foods that may harbor Listeria and can cause food poisoning in general include:

-Milk and Dairy Products

-Deli meats

-Refrigerated, smoked seafood eaten on its own (not as an ingredient in a well-cooked meal)

-Refrigerated pate or meat spreads

-Undercooked poultry products: Chicken, Turkey, Eggs

-Undercooked, unsanitary food (be careful in restaurants)

-Contaminated water in certain countries

-Unwashed fruits and vegetables

Dear Friends, it should become crystal clear that avoiding all mucus (disease forming foods) and applying simple cleanliness tips to our fresh plant-based produce, will be essential not only for our overall health but to prevent any thing happening to our kids (living and unborn).

Prevent Miscarriage 500x350 How To Prevent Miscarriage

In addition, it may be hard to believe but is indeed correct that the microwave oven you use to make food could be harmful to your unborn child, especially when the device is old or is wrongly used.

Tests have shown that microwaves emit harmful electromagnetic radiation which could harm embryos and could lead to miscarriage.

“Microwaves can be harmful if they are leaking radiation,” says Dr Shivani Sachdev Gaur of SCI (Surrogate Center India) Healthcare in New Delhi, India.

The waves of a microwave oven can travel up to 12 cm, so it is harmful for a pregnant woman to stand near a microwave oven, especially if it is old and damaged, she says.

Now, I admit, some people may scoff at this and disregard it as irrelevant or taking things too seriously. However, that will be an incorrect way to view things.

If people indeed have conceived and had kids while eating whatever they want, do you know how many times they have had to take the kids to the hospitals or sadly, lost their kids as toddlers, pre-teens or teens due to childhood or teenage diseases?

So, it is not wise to compare ourselves to others.

That said, if indeed you have had one or more miscarriages, on a human level, I do sympathize with you. However, moving forward, as we inevitably will have to do, with this information you have now, you can do the following:

  1. Attain one or more replacements for the unborn child you may have lost.
  2. Raise these children to adult-hood without diseases.
  3. Use this information to keep yourself free of diseases to see equally healthy children and grandchildren.

A similar scenario applies to women or couples that just can’t seem to conceive.

When it comes to using a proper diet to attain a successful conception and to avoid miscarriages, it is noteworthy that Professor Ehret says again in his book, The Mucus-Less Diet Healing System, that the so-very common disease of dislocation, or falling of the womb can be healed by adhering to a mucus free diet of predominantly fruits, root and leafy vegetables in addition to short fasts.

He goes on to add that impotence in males and sterility in females can be healed by adhering to the same diet. Ehret goes on to add that he has seen sterility in females healed and every person who earnestly took up his system of healing was healed of ANY kind of disease, especially degenerative ones such as cancer, diabetes, asthma etc for the simple fact that in curing one disease with his recommended diet, (which basically is a reminder of what the Creator has since ordained for mankind to eat), it cures and prevents ALL other diseases.

That comes as no surprise to me simply because such a diet is rooted in the second recorded statements God uttered to man according to the Bible.

This was the first, last and only rule of life (after man had received the power of reproducing his kind and of holding dominion over living things that moved on earth and in water and air that was concerned with food.

With an impressive “Look!” his attention was drawn to this rule and should not be overlooked in creating the basis of the human diet as a result. Keeping that in mind, several articles in this blog cover this fact in more detail. Although a proper diet is perhaps the most important aspect in dealing with one’s overall health, other factors such as the use of hazardous household products, inadequate sunshine and fresh air, stress etc could also affect one’s well-being, including sexual health. However, I have done my best to address such factors as they apply in various articles in this blog.

You have it in your possession and this author hopes you refer to it as many times as you may need it.

Now, it is noteworthy that the Surgeon General’s warning stating that: “Smoking by pregnant women may result in fetal injury, premature birth, and low birth weight,” now appears on cigarette packs for good reason.

Why is this so?

Well, very tellingly, pregnant smokers have a higher chance of miscarriage and stillbirth.

Folks, it is noteworthy that babies of smoking mothers have a higher chance of being born early and too small. Low-birth-weight babies (less than 5 ½ pounds) can suffer serious health problems throughout their lives. So, suffice it to say that to make the right choice for your baby-Don’t smoke.

In fact, let’s rephrase that: DON’T SMOKE, DRINK ALCOHOL or USE RECREATIONAL DRUGS!!

I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh or strict as it seems many pregnant women wonder if 1 or 2 drinks will harm their baby.

Well, even though alcohol affects everyone differently, it should be noted that the alcohol the mother drinks is shared with her baby. The more she drinks, the more the baby receives, which increases the chances of serious problems for the baby and even the mother as well.

Now even though medical experts have not been able to determine a safe amount of alcohol to drink during pregnancy (dare I say at any given time), in order for you to protect your baby from alcohol-related danger, you should not drink any alcohol. Ladies, there must be a reason why the Bible says that: ““Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” Proverbs 20:1.

Dear friends, it is noteworthy that drinking during the first 3 months of pregnancy is particularly dangerous. This is the most important time for the baby’s organs (including the brain, heart, and lungs) to grow. For this reason, you should stop alcohol use if you are planning to become pregnant. Several weeks may pass before you know you are pregnant.

Don’t take the chance of drinking during a very important time in your baby’s development. This also applies to the use of recreational drugs. It just isn’t worth the risk to have fun and wild out especially when you are pregnant. Sometimes (ALL the time), it just makes sense to do the wise, smart and responsible thing!

(For more information on how avoiding Drugs and Alcohol is beneficial to the human body from a Biblical and Scientific standpoint, you can take a look at the following articles:

The Bible and Alcohol

What Does the Bible Say About Recreational Drugs?

Other Common Sense Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Miscarriages Are To:

1. Avoid X-rays and too many ultrasounds. Now, most ultrasounds are usually done during the first 3 months of a pregnancy to make ensure that the baby is growing properly and to confirm a heartbeat. However, it is recommended that you do your research about ultrasounds and understand that you can decide not to have one until the second trimester if you are worried about possible harmful effects.

2.  (By all means) Avoid environmental hazards that contain harmful chemicals or pollution. Here is a helpful article on this subject of Environmental Hazards and Common Pollutants (some of which most of us use daily.

3. Avoid contact sports where you could potentially be hit in the stomach or fall down.  Of course this should be pretty self explanatory.

4. Avoid the common Disease Forming Foods (junk, highly processed and acid forming foods. Now will be the time to adhere to Mostly OR Exclusively Raw or properly cooked Fruits and Vegetables, Some Permissible Whole Grains and Biblically Clean (Safe) Meats (that is, if you must eat animal flesh by the way.)

5. Pray-Remember what it says in Psalm 127:1-“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” Well, suffice it to say this applies to everything we do in our lives, including-as it relates to this article-going through a pregnancy term.

So, remember to put the LORD first and commit your pregnancy into His Hands. Hey, we are all His Children and He only wants the best for all of us!
Now, with all of this being stated:

1.      If you are still or planning to get pregnant, here’s wishing you a safe delivery.


2.      If you happen to have had a miscarriage, my dear Friend-May God help you find courage: May God help you find happiness. Be positive, take care of your health and look forward to making a wonderful life again and it is my hope that this article will be of some use for you.

(FYI: Follow this link for more information on Disease Forming and Body Healing Foods.)

So, to conclude, remember, God truly cares for us, we just have to listen to His loving advice that He gives us for own good.

Again, “You must serve (and obey) only the LORD your God. If you do, I will bless you with food and water, and I will protect you from illness. There will be no miscarriages or infertility in your land, and I will give you long, full lives.” Exodus 23:25-26.

Suffice it to say, you can take the Good Lord at this Word!

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at

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If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.- J.M. Power


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



Friends, we might as well face it, in regards to health and well-being; it doesn’t take a genius to realize that there are so many man-made and artificial chemicals and toxins in our present world. Moreover, almost everyone (especially in so called ‘advanced’ countries) is exposed to these pollutants on some level at all times.

Therefore, suffice it to say avoiding over-exposure to pollutants should also be reduced. It may be impossible in this day and age not to be exposed to pollutants such as heavy metals, however, it is only a matter of how much and how often.

How do we do it?

Know the source of such heavy metals and do your best to avoid, purify or use alternative to them. It should be noted that most of these items are NOT fruits and vegetables AND coincidentally are the same disease forming foods in this chapter!

As culled from this webpage: | Google Search Term: HEAVY METAL POISONING

They are as follows:


(Rest of the world says and spells: aluminium)|

SOURCES: alum| aluminum foil| animal feed| antacids| aspirin| auto exhaust| baking powder| beer| bleached flour| cans| ceramics| cheese| cigarette filters| color additives| construction materials| cookware| cosmetics| dental amalgams| deodorants| drinking water| drying agents| dust| insulated wiring| medicinal compounds| milk products| nasal spray| pesticides| pollution| salt| tap water| tobacco smoke| toothpaste| treated water| vanilla powder.

EFFECTS: ALS| Alzheimer’s| anemia| appetite loss| behavioral problems| cavities| colds| colitis| confusion| constipation| dementia| dry mouth| dry skin| energy loss| excessive perspiration| flatulence| headaches| heartburn| hyperactivity| inhibition of enzyme systems| kidney dysfunction| lowered immune function| learning disabilities| leg twitching| liver dysfunction| memory loss| neuromuscular disorders| numbness| osteoporosis| paralysis| Parkinson’s disease| peptic ulcer| psychosis| reduced intestinal activity| senility| skin problems| spleen pain| stomach pain| weak and aching muscles



SOURCES: burning of arsenate treated building materials| coal combustion| insect sprays| pesticides| soils (arsenic rich)| seafood from coastal waters| especially mussels| oysters and shrimp

EFFECTS: abdominal pain| anorexia| brittle nails| diarrhea| nausea| vomiting| chronic anemia| burning in mouth / esophagus / stomach / bowel| confusion| convulsions| dermatitis| drowsiness| enzyme inhibition| garlicky odor to breath / stool| hair loss| headaches| hyper-pigmentation of nails and skin| increased risk of liver / lung / skin cancers| low grade fever| mucous in nose and throat| muscle aches / spasms / weakness| nervousness| respiratory tract infection| swallowing difficulty| sweet metallic taste| throat constriction



SOURCES: coal burning| manufacturing| household products| industrial dust

EFFECTS: disturbance of calcium and vitamin D metabolism| magnesium depletion| lung cancer| lung infection| rickets| vital organ dysfunction



SOURCES: airborne industrial contaminants| batteries| candy| ceramics| cigarette smoke| colas| congenital intoxication| copper refineries| copper alloys| dental alloys| drinking water| electroplating| fertilizers| food from contaminated soil| fungicides| incineration of tires / rubber / plastic| instant coffee| iron roofs| kidney| liver| marijuana| processed meat| evaporated milk| motor oil| oysters| paint| pesticides| galvanized pipes| processed foods| refined grains / flours cereals| rubber| rubber carpet backing| seafoods (cod| haddock| oyster| tuna)| sewage| silver polish| smelters| soft water| solders (including in food cans)| tobacco| vending machine soft drinks| tools| vapor lamps| water (city| softened| well)| welding metal

EFFECTS: alcoholism| alopecia| anemia| arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid)| bone disease| bone pain in middle of bones| cancer| cardiovascular disease| cavities| cerebral hemorrhage| cirrhosis| diabetes| digestive disturbances| emphysema| enlarged heart| flu-like symptoms| growth impairment| headaches| high cholesterol| hyperkinetic behavior| hypertension| hypoglycemia| impotence| inflammation| infertility| kidney disease| learning disorders| liver damage| lung disease| migraines| nerve cell damage| osteoporosis| prostate dysfunction| reproductive disorders| schizophrenia| stroke



SOURCES: birth control pills| congenital intoxication| copper cookware| copper IUDs| copper pipes| dental alloys| fungicides| ice makers| industrial emissions| insecticides| swimming pools| water (city / well)| welding| avocado| beer| bluefish| bone meal| chocolate| corn oil| crabs| gelatin| grains| lamb| liver| lobster| margarine| milk| mushrooms| nuts| organ meats| oysters| perch| seeds| shellfish| soybeans| tofu| wheat germ| yeast

EFFECTS: acne| adrenal insufficiency| allergies| alopecia| anemia| anorexia| anxiety| arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid)| autism| cancer| chills| cystic fibrosis| depression| diabetes| digestive disorders| dry mouth| dysinsulinism| estrogen dominance| fatigue| fears| fractures| fungus| heart attack| high blood pressure| high cholesterol| Hodgkin’s disease| hyperactivity| hypertension| hyperthyroid| low hydrochloric acid| hypoglycemia| infections| inflammation| insomnia| iron loss| jaundice| kidney disorders| libido decreased| lymphoma| mental illness| migraines| mood swings| multiple sclerosis| myocardial infarction| nausea| nervousness| osteoporosis| pancreatic dysfunction| panic attacks| paranoia| phobias| PMS| schizophrenia| senility| sexual dysfunction| spacey feeling| stuttering| stroke| tooth decay| toxemia of pregnancy| urinary tract infections| yeast infections



SOURCES: drinking water| iron cookware| iron pipes| welding|. foods: blackstrap molasses| bone meal| bran| chives| clams| heart| kidney| leafy vegetables| legumes| liver| meat| molasses| nuts| organ meats| oysters| parsley| red wine| refined foods| shellfish| soybeans| wheat germ| whole grains

EFFECTS: amenorrhea| anger| rheumatoid arthritis| birth defects| bleeding gums| cancer| constipation| diabetes| dizziness| emotional problems| fatigue| headache| heart damage| heart failure| hepatitis| high blood pressure| hostility| hyperactivity| infections| insomnia| irritability| joint pain| liver disease| loss of weight| mental problems| metallic taste in mouth| myasthenia gravis| nausea| pancreas damage| Parkinson’s disease| premature aging| schizophrenia| scurvy| shortness of breath| stubbornness



SOURCES: ash| auto exhaust| battery manufacturing| bone meal| canned fruit and juice| car batteries| cigarette smoke| coal combustion| colored inks| congenital intoxication| cosmetics| eating utensils| electroplating| household dust| glass production| hair dyes| industrial emissions| lead pipes| lead-glazed earthenware pottery| liver| mascara| metal polish| milk| newsprint| organ meats| paint| pencils| pesticides| produce near roads| putty| rain water| pvc containers| refineries| smelters| snow| tin cans with lead solder sealing (such as juices| vegetables)| tobacco| toothpaste| toys| water (city / well)| wine

EFFECTS: abdominal pain| adrenal insufficiency| allergies| anemia| anorexia| anxiety| arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo)| attention deficit disorder| autism| back pain| behavioral disorders| blindness| cardiovascular disease| cartilage destruction| coordination loss| concentration loss| constipation| convulsions| deafness| depression| dyslexia| emotional instability| encephalitis| epilepsy| fatigue| gout| hallucinations| headaches| hostility| hyperactivity| hypertension| hypothyroid| impotence| immune suppression| decreased IQ| indigestion| infertility| insomnia| irritability| joint pain| kidney disorders| learning disability| liver dysfunction| loss of will| memory loss (long term)| menstrual problems| mood swings| muscle aches| muscle weakness| muscular dystrophy| multiple sclerosis| myelopathy (spinal cord pathology)| nausea| nephritis| nightmares| numbness| Parkinson’s disease| peripheral neuropathies| psychosis| psychomotor dysfunction| pyorrhea| renal dysfunction| restlessness| retardation| schizophrenia| seizures| sterility| stillbirths| sudden infant death syndrome| tingling| tooth decay| vertigo| unintentional weight loss




SOURCES: adhesives| air conditioner filters| algaecides| antiseptics| battery manufacturing| body powders| broken thermometers| burning newspapers and building materials| calomel lotions| cereals| congenital intoxication| cosmetics| dental amalgams| diuretics| fabric softeners| felt| floor waxes| fungicides| germicides| grains| industrial waste| insecticides| laxatives| lumber| manufacture of paper and chlorine| medications| mercurochrome| paints| paper products| pesticides| photoengraving| polluted water| Preparation H| psoriasis ointment| seafoods (especially tuna and swordfish)| sewage disposal| skin lightening creams| soft contact lens solution| suppositories| tanning leather| tattooing| water (contaminated)| wood preservatives

EFFECTS: adrenal dysfunction| allergy| alopecia| anorexia| anxiety| birth defects| blushing| brain damage| cataracts| cerebral palsy| poor coordination / jerky movements| deafness| depression| dermatitis| discouragement| dizziness| drowsiness| eczema| emotional disturbances| excess saliva| fatigue| gum bleeding and soreness| headaches (band type)| hearing loss| hyperactivity| hypothyroidism| forgetfulness| immune dysfunction| insomnia| irritability| joint pain| kidney damage| loss of self-control| memory loss| mental retardation| metallic taste| migraines| nervousness| nerve fiber degeneration| numbness| pain in limbs| rashes| retinitis| schizophrenia| shyness| speech disorders| suicidal tendencies| tingling| tremors (eyelids| lips| tongue| fingers| extremities)| vision loss| weakness



SOURCES: butter| fertilizers| food processing| fuel oil combustion| hydrogenated fats and oils| imitation whipped cream| industrial waste| kelp| margarine| nuclear device testing| oysters| stainless steel cookware| tea| tobacco smoke| unrefined grains and cereals| vegetable shortening

EFFECTS: anorexia| kidney dysfunction| apathy| disruption of hormone and lipid metabolism| fever| hemorrhages| headache| heart attack| intestinal cancer| low blood pressure| muscle tremors| nausea| oral cancer| skin problems| vomiting

Well, it is my hope that this article has illustrated in as much detail as possible the sources of most hazardous products. It is also my hope that you as a reader will make the necessary adjustments to avoid or at least drastically reduce their use.

FEATURED VIDEO: Common Pollutants and Toxic Products That We Use Daily

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.- J.M. Power


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



Disease Forming Foods Vs Healing Foods

Before we go much further into this article, I want to bring to your attention that there are basically two kinds of foods. The ones that heal and nourish the body and the ones that poison it. This is plain and simple.

Coincidentally, scientists, biologists and nutritionists label them as acid/mucus forming and alkaline/mucus binding foods.

That being stated, it should be noted that balanced body chemistry is of utmost importance for the maintenance of health and correction of diseases.

Acidosis, or over-acidity in the body tissues, is one of the basic causes of many diseases, especially the arthritic and rheumatic ones.

All foods are “burned” in the body–more commonly called “digested”– leaving an ash as the result of the “burning”, or the digestion. This food ash can be neutral, acid or alkaline, depending largely on the mineral composition of the foods. Some foods leave an acid residue or ash, some leave the opposite-which is an alkaline residue. The acid ash (acidosis) results when there is a depletion of the alkaline reserve or the reduction in the reserve supply of fixed alkaline bases in the blood and the tissues of the body.

It is therefore very important that there is a proper ratio between acid and alkaline foods in the diet.

When such an ideal ratio is maintained, the body has a strong resistance against disease. In the healing of disease, when the patient usually has acidosis, the higher the ratio of alkaline elements in the diet, the faster it will be for the patient to recover due to the fact that alkalis neutralize the acids. Therefore in the treatment of most diseases it is important that the patient’s diet includes plenty of alkaline/mucus removing foods to offset the effects of acid-forming foods and leave a safe level or supply of alkalinity.

A healthy body usually keeps large alkaline reserves that are used to meet the emergency demands if too many acid-producing foods are consumed. However, these normal reserves can be reduced. When the alkaline-acid ratio drops to 3 to 1, health can be seriously tampered with. Therefore, do keep in mind that your body can function normally and sustain health only in the presence of adequate alkaline reserves and the proper acid- alkaline ratio in all the body tissues and the blood.

It is worth mentioning that the main reason acidosis is more common in our society is mostly due to the typical American diet.

Dare I say this applies to mankind on a global scale. Man’s diet today in most ‘advanced’ or industrialized countries is too high in acid producing animal products like meat, eggs and dairy, and far too low in alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, a lot of people eat acid producing processed foods like white flour and sugar and drink acid producing beverages like coffee and soft drinks. Several people use too many drugs, which are acid forming; and we use artificial chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet, Spoonful, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, or Aspartame, which are basically poison and also extremely acid forming.

Consequently, suffice it to say that one of the best things we can do to correct an overly acidic body is to clean up one’s diet and lifestyle. It’s really not that difficult or extreme, stop eating the acid/disease forming foods and to replace them with the alkaline/body healing foods.

Generally, alkaline forming foods include: most fruits, green and root vegetables and some miscellaneous items, on the other hand acid forming foods include: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grains, and legumes and ALL PROCESSED FOODS (canned, junk, convenience, instant etc).

That being stated, another interesting yet noteworthy factor is that although it might seem that citrus fruits would have an acidifying effect on the body, the citric acid they contain actually has an alkalinizing effect in the system.

Note that a food’s acid or alkaline forming tendency in the body has nothing to do with the actual pH of the food itself. For example, lemons are very acidic; however the end products they produce after digestion and assimilation are very alkaline so, lemons are alkaline forming in the body. Likewise, meat will test alkaline before digestion, however, it leaves a very acidic residue in the body so, like all animal products, meat is very acid forming.

At this stage, one could ask: “well, why do we eat so much acid foods?”

To answer that question, several reasons come to mind and it must be stressed that after years of misinformation, influences by media, habits passed on from generation to generation, millions of dollars spent on marketing and what really is false advertising, we, as a people are now facing more dietary based health challenges than ever before.

What’s more disturbing but not a surprise per se, is that it is no coincidence that the rapidly growing numbers of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes connects almost exactly with the rise in consumption of acid forming foods such as sugars, trans fats, fast food, refined food and white breads.

On the other hand, our consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables has decreased dramatically.

Therefore, for optimal health and maximum resistance to disease, it is imperative that your diet is slightly over-alkaline.

Acid forming foods (such as ALL processed foods, white sugar, white flour, carbonated beverages and artificial chemical sweetener’s like NutraSweet, Equal, or Aspartame) should be eliminated or at least drastically reduced. In addition, you would do better with the least amount of meat and milk products as they are very productive of mucus and hinder the optimal digestion of foods and the proper absorption of nutrients.

The internal balance of your pH is very important, however, on an unfortunate note, few medical practitioners in western medicine are aware of the major role it plays in causing diseases or for whatever reason choose not to divulge this to their patients if in fact they do know this. Then again look at most doctors, several of them are ironically enough not great pictures of health.

That being stated, fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming in the body and contain many electrolyte minerals that help to maintain a healthy pH balance of 7.4 and a reserve of critical electrolytes.

Alkalizing the body fluids (raising pH) is one of the single most important health regeneration benefits available as disease causing microforms (fungi, bacteria, virus etc.) cannot survive in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

Therefore, for your edification, here are tables of common foods with an approximate potential acidity (disease forming potential) or alkalinity (healing potential), as present in one ounce of food.


Banana (high glycemic)
Honeydew Melon
All Berries
Tropical Fruits

Fermented Veggies
Brussel sprouts
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Edible Flowers
Parsnips (high glycemic)


Sea Veggies
Barley Grass
Wheat Grass
Wild Greens
Nightshade Veggies


Sea Salt
All Herbs

Dandelion Root
Sea Veggies




Distilled R Vinegar
Wheat Germ

Avocado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Flax Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil

Rice Cakes
Wheat Cakes
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)
Hemp Seed Flour

Cheese, Cow
Cheese, Goat
Cheese, Processed
Cheese, Sheep

Drugs, Medicinal
Drugs, Psychedelic

Hard Liquor

Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans
Rice Milk
Almond Milk

Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen
Lecithin Granules
Probiotic Cultures
Green Juices
Veggies Juices
Fresh Fruit Juice
Organic Milk
Mineral Water
Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
Dandelion Tea
Ginseng Tea
Banchi Tea


Chili Pepper

Whey Protein Powder
Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Tofu (fermented)

Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans
Rice Milk
Almond Milk

Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen
Lecithin Granules
Probiotic Cultures
Green Juices
Veggies Juices
Fresh Fruit Juice
Organic Milk
Mineral Water
Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
Dandelion Tea
Ginseng Tea
Banchi Tea


Chili Pepper

Whey Protein Powder
Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Tofu (fermented)

ALL PROCESSED FOODS (canned, junk, convenience, instant , MICROWAVES! etc).

In addition to the text provided, do note that such practices as fertilizing by too much minerals can also make harmless foods, harmful or at least reduce their good properties.

Now, the acid | alkaline food tables are provided for illustration purposes. The fact that some foods might be listed as mucus binding (alkaline) doesn’t mean its use is endorsed per se. This text focuses on mainly fruits and vegetables.

Well, it is my hope that this article has illustrated in as much detail as possible the sources of Disease Forming and Body Healing Foods. It is also my hope that you as a reader will make the necessary adjustments for your own benefits.

P.S. Here is An Article On Common Pollutants In our Households that we would want to avoid or at least drastically reduce using on a daily basis.

Here’s to Improved Health My dear Friend,

Foras Aje

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