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MY THOUGHTS: Someone NEEDS to Get Top Rank Some PR Lessons ASAP, you got Manny Saying “anti-gay” shit a few weeks back, (even though the BULK OF what he said was scripture, but still…), NOW FFWD to today, Bob Arum is saying some more controversial shit….while trying to sell a fight. Let’s go over this article….

Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum has once again taken a swing at the top Mixed Martial Arts company in the world, the UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship].


1. Could There Be A Measles Breakout in CA?

2. Amateur Football Players May Have Problems As Adults

3. Study Says Smoking Triggers Big Changes in Mouth Bacteria!!

4. Expert Gives Tell-Tale Signs for Teenage Mental Health Problems

Could There Be A Measles Breakout in CA?

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So, apparently ABC News is reporting that there are worries that a measles outbreak could occur in California after the disease was diagnosed in a student at a school with a large number of unvaccinated students.

According to the Nevada County Public Health Department, ABC News reported that the unnamed student attended the Yuba River Charter School and showed symptoms earlier this month.

Well, on a somewhat positive note, according to the same ABC News report, the student has recovered from the measles, but health officials fear other unvaccinated children may have been exposed.


Amateur Football Players May Have Problems As Adults

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Well, according to a new study, apparently, there’s a link between the number of hits to the head that a player receives during youth, high school and college football and the development of mood and behavioral problems later on in life.

However, it should be pointed out that the Associated Press reports that the Boston University authors emphasized that this is a preliminary study and further research is needed before any conclusions are made about the safety of amateur football.

According to Dr. Robert Stern, BU School of Medicine, the study in the Journal of Neurotrauma is the first of its kind to examine the association between total number of head impacts when a person is young  AND  the resulting depression, apathy and behavioral problems in adulthood,.

In conclusion, the AP reports that Stern stressed the study is meant to encourage more investigation into the issue and not guide people when deciding if football is safe for them.


Study Says Smoking Triggers Big Changes in Mouth Bacteria!!

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A new study says Smoking can dramatically change the balance of bacterial species in the mouth, which may affect the risk of mouth, lung and digestive system diseases.

However, and this is quite important, the research also found that the proper mix of bacteria in the mouth is restored if people quit smoking.

It should be noted that more than three-quarters of oral cancers are associated with smoking, but it’s not known if smoking-related changes to bacterial populations in the mouth contribute to the risk of these cancers.


Expert Gives Tell-Tale Signs for Teenage Mental Health Problems

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Alright to the parents of teenagers out there, an expert has just suggested that even though mood swings and other challenging behaviors are normal in teens, and even though these may make it difficult for parents to spot serious mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, One in five teens will develop a serious mental health disorder, with most beginning by age 15.

The sad part is, according to Dr. Aaron Krasner, an adolescent psychiatrist and Transitional Living Service chief at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn., in many cases, these teens don’t receive treatment until years later,

Krasner says: If parents suspect mental health problems in their teen, they must keep the lines of communication open.

Here’s his statement regarding that ”Teen mental health issues are ‘family affairs’ — they can have a devastating effect on families, and it’s essential that the entire family is involved in working through them.”

To conclude this report, Krasner Advises that if you believe your teen needs professional help, ask your child’s pediatrician for a referral to a child psychologist or psychiatrist,


So, what do you guys think of anything I just read over?


What are your Thoughts on the possibility of a Measles Outbreak in CA?

What are your thoughts on Amateur Football Players Having issues later on in life?

What are your thoughts on the study that says smoking May trigger changes in Oral Bacteria?

Finally, what are your thoughts on the Expert who gave Tell-Tale Signs for Teenage Mental Health Problems?

Drops your comments below.

It’s Foras with the Bodyhealthsoul Project signing off.


Golovkin: Canelo can fight at 155, I’ll fight at 160

April 1st, 2016 | Post FB Comment482 Comments

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ByDan Ambrose: It’s not looking like IBF/IBO/WBA middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (34-0, 31 KOs) is going to give into Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s wish to have his fight against Golovkin staged at a catch-weight of 155lbs later this year.

Golovkin says that if Canelo must fight at 155, then he’s welcome to go ahead and fight at that weight, but he’s going to fight at the full weight of 160lbs for the middleweight division. Golovkin will not be giving Canelo a handicap by melting down to 155lbs in order to give him the advantage, even though Golovkin says he’s been weighing in at 164 and 165 recently.

Golovkin would only need to drop 10 pounds to take the fight at 155 for Canelo. However, Golovkin is an old school fighter, and he doesn’t believe in fighting at catch-weights.

He’ll move down to fight at 154 for a fight against super star Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he won’t fight at a catch-weight. Canelo isn’t Mayweather when it comes to his popularity, and he likely never will rise to that level due to him lacking the ability to dominate the better opposition.

“My weight is not heavy. I’m 164, 165 every day,” said Golovkin to UCN Undisputed.
“Middleweight is 160. It doesn’t matter. Canelo wants 155; try it. I’m 160. I want unification fight against [Billy Joe] Saunders and hopefully Canelo. I want Canelo because he’s a good champion. He’s a big name for me. Good business, and for everybody for fans. I want big name so everybody understands who I am,” said Golovkin.

With Golovkin not willing to move down to 155 to give the hulking Canelo an advantage that he clearly doesn’t need, it’s setting up a face-saving scenario where Canelo can vacate his WBC middleweight title by telling the boxing fans and the media that Golovkin didn’t want to give him his catch-weight that he was asking for.

If Canelo refuses to fight Golovkin at the full weight for the middleweight division, then he will almost surely give up the WBC title or have it stripped from his by the WBC if he tries to test them by ignoring Golovkin. It’ll be up to Golovkin to decide whether he wants the Canelo fight bad enough to drain down to 155 to give him the handicap that he clearly doesn’t need at this point in his career.

Canelo has been rehydrating to the 175lb area; whereas Golovkin is weighing 165. Why then would Canelo need a catch-weight to fight Golovkin? It doesn’t make sense at all. Canelo will be rehydrating 20+ pounds from 155 to 175. Why then would he need a catch-weight handicap of 155 for the Golovkin fight? It just looks like to me like Canelo is hoping to gain an advantage of Golovkin, and if he’s not given that advantage, then he’ll vacate his WBC title or possibly dare the WBC to strip it from him.

There are some boxing fans who think the WBC won’t take the title from Canelo due to him being so popular. It would obviously be a move that the WBC would do after a lot of thought. They might not want to burn their bridges with Canelo because he’s going to be around for a long time. If Canelo gets upset, he could opt to go after other world titles for the remainder of his career rather than to fight for the WBC’s belts. That means no sanctioning fee money for the WBC for Canelo’s fights, and he’s a big money maker in the sport.

“The WBC has mandated that the winner of Canelo and Khan has to fight Gennady if he’s successful on April 23,” Loeffler said to UCN. “They’re going to have to fight him or they’re going to jeopardize their title. Basically the WBC will unrecognized them. It’s nothing personal against Canelo; Gennady just wants to unify with the WBC title, and he’s earned that right. If Canelo or the winner doesn’t fight him, then they’re in clear violation of what the WBC has mandated. Canelo has asked for one defense, which is what he’s doing now on May 7, but after that it doesn’t make sense anymore. So Gennady has earned the right to either fight for the WBC title or to get the WBC title as the interim champion,” said Loeffler.

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