Are Unsightly Pimples Bothering You….?

Are Unsightly Pimples Bothering You….?
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I’ve been there; learn what I used to beat them naturally at a low-cost!

Here are some hints: I change my pillowcases daily, I don’t put ANYTHING ON MY FACE but cool water and Witch Hazel, I shave my face in a down ward motion and to the females I have informed, I DON’T advocate the use of make-up and I wash my hair daily (ladies, you may need to use a clean do-rag if you can only wash your hair ever so often).

However, I made another sacrifice that is about 70% of the battle. I changed
my diet!

But guess what I got in return, smooth skin and an all-around improved health.

So forget the lotions, pills, expensive visits to dermatologists, hours
staring in the mirror, side-effects from harsh chemicals on your face (trust
me, I am speaking from experience) and find out HOW TO CONTROL YOUR ACNE NATURALLY in a whole chapter dedicated to the subject in this publication.


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