All You Need to Know About Fasting and Cleansing

All You Need to Know About Fasting and Cleansing

This is a rather important aspect of health and one that most people naturally shy away from. The reason for this is based on our upbringing that dictates basically that one needs to eat 3 square meals a day to be healthy.

Fasting is so misrepresented and feared that the average person would think you were insane if you missed a few meals in a day. Take illness for example, you basically are forced by nature into a fast by loss of appetite, yet your loved ones will cry to hell and high-water  that you must eat to get better (and in most cases the very foods that made you sick to start with!)

Fasting is indeed nature’s quickest way of restoring you to health and indeed is a powerful tool required to restore optimal physical, mental and even emotional states of well-being. Though it is as old as dust, it is something that if mentioned, even be it casually, the automatic response is “what…not eat, I can’t do that… that’s not even healthy?!”

False! Have you ever noticed animals (mostly the ones not in captivity and even the domesticated ones) who upon sickness or intense agitation, stop eating and lie around till they get better? Ever heard of hibernation of the bears? One commonly overlooked factor in health is, in spite of knowing what to eat, you must know when and when not to eat.

Yogis of old and even many hygienists of today advocate fasts, especially during sickness or disease (in any form, except in the cases of irreparable damage and even then it is advised to steer clear of the mucus forming foods of which documentation is provided elsewhere in this book). This is geared towards giving the stomach a rest.

The recuperative energy may thereby be directed toward casting out of the toxins and poisonous matter that have been causing the trouble.

Fasting is indeed the “fastest ‘ way to heal the body, but as with anything involving the human anatomy, it needs to be approached tactfully and with care.

It is common knowledge that Jesus was said to have fasted for 40 days and 40 and nights, as did Moses, David (7 days and 7 nights) Esther and several other people in the Bible. Even without being theological, the pioneer of the Mucus-less Diet Healing System, Arnold Ehret, was said to have fasted for 21, 24,32 and 49 days with a few breaks in between for fruit…(now of course we are not trying to compete  with that…)

Most diseases are due to wrong eating habits, incorrect food combinations, acidulous foods and the commercial foods of modern day civilization. Aristotle, that great Greek Philosopher said over 2300 years ago- “If there is one way better than another, it is the way of Nature.”

Point of note, no claim is made herein that fasting alone, regardless of the advanced stage of the illness, or bodily and mental condition of the patient will produce the sure cure.

Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, mucus and toxemia; therefore it is not the disease but the body that is to be healed.

Common Sense and caution must be your guide during the fast and I can safely predict that in the majority of the cases the faster will become physically stronger and more vital and mentally alert-up to the point that the faster is willing to accept.

From my research and personal experience on fasting, I would say the warmer part of the year (April-September) is the better time to fast.

Though this is the recommended period of the year to engage in a fast, it does not validate the fact that if you are being encumbered by a certain disease prior to that period you should wait till that time to observe one.

Granted, we love to eat and we love pleasure and satisfaction. Eating, like sex, is indeed one of the many pleasures of life given us by the Creator. The sad part is our habits and diets have so degenerated from the initial plan for man that as a result we are in an unprecedented state of illness brought about by our adverse violation of basic natural guidelines of eating.

Even the fruits and vegetables we eat today are so perverted it is scary! But mankind still perseveres and endures, as we truly are images of the Creator, indeed the most complex creatures alive. It is my firm belief that one sure way of reclaiming our lost state of uniqueness or at least improving our present level of existence would be to realign ourselves with nature and her methods. One sure way is through a fast.

There are many types of fasts and most of them are more or less effective and vary of course in their efficacy to eliminate disease.

A restricted diet of one kind of juicy fruit is one way, Dried fruits with no forms of liquids whatsoever is another one (that I personally have not tried), the lemonade diet aka master cleanser is another, juice fasts but the TOTAL fast-no food whatsoever is perhaps the strictest and the one that requires the most will power.

Probably the most important reason is that the body uses quite a bit of energy to digest food, on the other hand, when fasting this energy becomes available for other uses.

In the fasting state, the body will scour for dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumors, abscesses, all of which are burned for fuel or expelled as waste. The elimination of these obstructions restores the immune system functionality and metabolic process to an optimum state.

Fasting restores good digestion and elimination, and peristaltic action is quickened. Fasting allows a deep, physiological rest of the digestive organs, and the energy saved goes into self-healing and self-repairing.

By eliminating obstructions, by cleansing, detoxification, and purifying the intestines, the blood, and the cells, we can overcome many of our physical ills or handicaps as well as getting a boost in energy.

Fasting not only removes obstructions and helps the body to heal itself; it is also rejuvenating and life-extending. These resulting benefits can have lasting affects in your mental and emotional health.

The way this essential component of drugless healing must be approached is highly important. First you must realize that you are basically on nature’s table undergoing an invisible surgery. Simply put, you are giving her a chance to thoroughly cleanse you of years and years of abuse-intentional or not.

The water fast for 10 days is the recommended way to accomplish this as some hygienists say, but I tend to be of the belief that to succeed at a water fast

•    You must be in a fasting facility AWAY from all distractions and stress.

•    You need to be supervised by a competent party in that program.

It is quite mentally demanding and I may go as far as to say unnecessary when there are other methods such as a juice fast or the reputable master cleanser that accomplish similar effects yet give you the option to still remain active.

I have tried the master cleanser on several occasions and though I believe in its efficiency, I believe it’s not the only route to do a thorough liquid diet/juice detoxification. Based on my tastes and common sense or intuition, I’ve come up with another option that (at least for me and other people who have tasted it) might be more appealing taste and money wise.

Instead of all the lemons (which should be organic) that you’d have to buy and the questionable cayenne pepper which schools of diet tend to disagree on, I use organic Valencia Oranges which are naturally sweet and give you more juice for way much less, money than the required 10-12 lemons needed to sustain you during the day.

Furthermore, think about it logically, try squeezing all those lemons and drinking them unflavored, chances are that it won’t be appealing at all, considering its taste. I believe that as potent as the lemon might be, nature must not have intended for it to be consumed in that much of a quantity.

Use This When You Want To Make Juice

Now, I have tried the master cleanser on several occasions and though I believe in its efficiency, I believe it’s not the only route to do a thorough liquid diet/juice detoxification. Based on my tastes and common sense or intuition, I’ve come up with another option that (at least for me and other people who have tasted it) might be more appealing taste and money wise.

Instead of all the lemons (which should be organic) that you’d have to buy and the questionable cayenne pepper which schools of diet tend to disagree on, I use organic Valencia Oranges which are naturally sweet and give you more juice for way much less money than the required 10-12 lemons needed to sustain you during the day.

Furthermore, think about it logically, try squeezing all those lemons and drinking them unflavored, chances are that it won’t be appealing at all, considering its taste. I believe that as potent as the lemon might be, nature must not have intended for it to be consumed in that much of a quantity.

Juice recipe:

As an alternative to the Master Cleanser, pioneered by Stanley Burroughs, Juicing of vegetables and even fruits through a juicer (which I don’t necessarily advocate), I offer a more common sense and less time consuming juice that is both tasty and nutritious.


-Grade B Maple Syrup (Organic preferably)

-Organic Valencia Oranges

-Drinking Water (distilled, reverse osmosis or filtered)

The basic recipe is this

a. You would want to sweeten one medium size to large orange with about 2-2.5 oz of Grade A or B Maple syrup.

b. Add enough water to make about a 10-12 oz drink.

Now, for the Sedentary or lesser active people, 1.5 to 2 quarts of this juice (which is 3-4 oranges and 8-10 ounces of Grade B genuine maple syrup) should suffice as an excellent juice for consumption or even a fast. For the more active, 6-8 oranges and the 10-12 ounces of Maple Syrup would prove to be more than sufficient.

Depending on how many oranges you intend on using, there is a trick to this to get the best taste and that is as follows.

For the process being outlined, I will be using 4 oranges and 8-9 oz of maple syrup. (Therefore, when using less or more oranges-the maximum being 6-8 oranges at a time-you would want to divide accordingly.)

1. Have the maple syrup already measured into the container. For example If I were making the concoction using 4 oranges, I would have approximately 9 oz of maple syrup measured elsewhere.

2. Squeeze all the oranges into the container you will be drinking from (with a wide enough space for you to comfortably squeeze the oranges.

3. Now add all the maple syrup into the freshly squeezed juice.

4. Add water as needed to make about 48 oz of the drink.

5. Stir up and let it settle for about 3-5 minutes.

Please do ensure that the water is at room temperature and that the maple syrup has been taken out of the fridge at least 30 minutes prior to being used.

In addition, you may have to vary the quantity of the oranges against the maple syrup and vice-versa considering some people may not like very sweet items like I do. So by all means, feel free to experiment here with the basic outline.

Also, you would want to literally chew on this concoction instead of guzzling it down like the lemonade, as this helps the digestive process and always try to drink this at least 30 minutes AFTER the daily lemonade has been consumed.

Specific Rules Prior to, During and After the Fast:

*A week before you begin the fast (or even up to 2 weeks prior to this point) try to eat mostly SEASONAL & SEEDED fruits and (perhaps some vegetables like lettuce or celery) as outlined in Chapters 24-26 of this book.

*Don’t go on a crazy and unnecessary binge at all during this time thinking you can “fast it off!”

The Day before:

-As suggested elsewhere in chapter 14 of this book, squeeze 2.5 lemons in 2.5 quarts of room temperature water. Do remember the helpful tip of actually rubbing the squeezed lemon vertically on the tongue about 3 times, after the third stroke, state a positive affirmation or phrase. The purpose of the verbalizing is to activate the salivary glands to digest the lemon juice and I have noticed it keeps the mouth hydrated with a pleasant lemon after-taste that lasts all day.

-About an hour after drinking the lemonade, you can consume the previously mentioned juice for breakfast (which should become your daily habit and you should absolutely avoid any solid food in the mornings. The reason for this is that our system goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noons, and a building program from twelve noon to twelve midnight. Therefore, what is eaten during these respective periods must be harmonious with the natural processes.

-Fruit for lunch (eaten by latest 5 pm) followed 10-15 minutes afterward by a stalk or 2 or celery or lettuce (ORGANIC!)

• Herbal laxative tea e.g. Smooth Move before bedtime (9pm). (Observe to stay put for 10-15 minutes after you consume anything to allow for a smoother peristaltic motion of the digestive organs.

During the Fast:

a) Drink the lemonade as previously suggested.

This is recommended as it

•    Dissolves the mucus and internal debris loosened up by the orange juice and laxative the previous night.

•    Is an excellent way to aid the bowels in elimination (unless of course you do the shat kriyas that the Indians perform daily, which I’ve not mentioned as they demand expert supervision.)

•    Restores the body to an alkaline state and basically centers you.

Drink this after you perform your oral hygiene procedures.

For more information on how to make this lemonade, Here’s an excerpt from a related article of mine.

On a personal note, here’s what I do when it comes to using lemonade daily and I published this on my blog a while back and I am including it here:

To Our Valued Customers:

Based on updated research, we at would like to suggest the following in addition to adopting the lifestyle changing program outlined in our e-book *try to drink 2-2.5 quarts of unflavored lemonade daily in the mornings in one sitting and remain still for several minutes afterwards for the solution to be properly assimilated.


1 lemon to a quart of room temperature water (so that’s 2 lemons for 64 oz or 2.5 lemons for 80 ounces)

HELPFUL HINTS: Rubbing the first squeezed half in a vertical motion on the tongue 3-times before squeezing the rest of the lemon (s) helps keep the mouth hydrated.

In addition, to activate the salivary glands for optimum assimilation of the lemon juice, before the first swipe and after the third swipe state a positive affirmation or favorite phrase like “The Lord Is my shepherd, I shall not want….” Or whatever you want to say that’s positive. I even go as far as to sing before saying these affirmations, making sure I hit various notes in the bass, tenor and falsetto voices. Sounds weird admittedly, but it works for me.

Furthermore, do wait for at least 45 minutes before consuming any other food or drink items. On a side note, to keep the intense, yet pleasant after taste of the lemonade, you can reduce the water by about an ounce or two in both instances or add a few drops more of lemon juice to get more of the tangy taste.

Also, please remember to wash the lemons being used for this daily drink thoroughly by adhering to the guidelines provided in Chapter 24 of this book.

After drinking this lemonade in the mornings…

b) Try to drink the orange juice by the late afternoons at the very latest, then you can have another quart or two of lemonade at least an hour or two afterwards. Then if you so desire to use the laxative (which really should be every other day), try to be done with all liquids about 1-2 hours before you drink the laxative. I recommend you use the Smooth Laxative Tea for this purpose and simply follow the instructions on the box. However, again, do not use the microwave to heat up the water for the tea for that purpose, (or at any times period. If needed, re-read chapter 18 for the reasons why.)

c) I’d recommend you mix your orange juice all at once and drink all the contents within an hour or so to enable the stomach to rest even from drinking and of course to avoid onlookers at work wondering what the heck you’re mixing.

d) Get as much rest as you need, remember you are in nature’s hands now and like her, you’ve got to take things slow.

e) As much as possible try to stay in the fresh air (especially between midnight and noon- that is the body’s elimination phase.)

g) If distracted, read positive books and movies or if your strength permits, go out and have fun. Stay mentally involved in something.

h) Don’t be alarmed if some days you feel like Superman and the next like a weakling, as you detoxify, even elements within from decades ago may be finally coming out.

i) Bathe (as I instructed) daily (twice or more if possible) and if your breath happens to be offensive simply rinse your mouth with unflavored lemonade.

j) Chew or masticate the juice (and all times when you eat) for optimal digestion of the juice in your mouth which would alleviate the stomach’s task.

k) Don’t be alarmed if there are periods of nightmares, distress, wavering thoughts etc basically the toxins are in circulating in your blood and are going through the brain at the time.

l) This would be a good time to take up mild yet very effective (and detoxifying exercises) such as yoga: emphasis on the Sun Salutations and the Shoulder Stand with its counter poses or you could simply engage in walks in the fresh air.

m) AVOID THE MICROWAVE: This, at all times no exceptions!

n) Clean the tongue with a scraper to aid in elimination as well. If possible, reduce the use of chemical products such as excessive cosmetics, aluminum deodorants etc. Most drug stores now carry Fragrance/Aluminum and Paraben free alternatives.

o) Stay positive: don’t be too hard on perfection though. Pace yourself. p) Use a Ceramic cup only for consuming the laxative tea at night.

p) REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WASH YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Here is a helpful video on the subject


After 3-4 days, (which for most, if not all, are the most challenging).  You should have eliminated most of the waste inside of you. A good illustration of this would be the watery quality of your waste and clearer looking, less pungent urine. Between days 5-7, you are essentially rebuilding tissues and anytime afterwards, like the excited construction worker, fine-tuning the new you.    Experts have said you can fast as long as you desire (with the guidelines provided and of course your discretion and intuition) after the first challenging yet eye opening week. I’ve gone 14 days with the fast with excellent results and now mostly do short 2-3 day fasts on a bi-weekly basis and furthermore, I basically eat once a day after all physical and mental exertions.

Just as it’s important to know how to fast, it is essential to know how to break it as the body needs to gradually adjust itself to handle solid food. Improper procedures can be hazardous or fatal.

Taper of the liquid diet by observing the following:

•    Designate the day (3-4 days afterwards and onwards) that you would want to break the fast, preferably when the stools are watery which should indicate a cleaner digestive tract and more importantly, a cleaner colon.

•    Drink a lesser amount of juice in the morning.

•    Have a mono diet of a juicy fruit for lunch and eat to full satisfaction. Be sure to masticate and mix the fruit with the saliva thoroughly!

•    For dinner, I’d recommend either another meal of fruit or one of my salads provided in the recipes section of this book.

•    Now commence to eating as prescribed in the recipes section of this book.

•    You can also incorporate the smoothies and raw or heated soups I offered for a day or two afterwards to aid in digestion as well.

•    After a few days of this reconstructive diet after the fast, you may gradually reintroduce improved cooked root vegetables every now and then if you choose not to be completely raw…besides no one truly is! Just keep in mind that prior to the fast you must have been on a mucus-less or mucus lean (cooked fruits and vegetables: for example boiled Plantains, Potatoes, Eggplants, Soups) diet for at least one week, eating only once or twice a day.

There you have it.

Here’s all the information I have to give on how exactly I do a cleanse for the body and you now have it in your possession to use.

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