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Many Cancer Survivors Have Serious Money Problems

Well, this particular topic hits close to home, considering that I lost 2 very close family members to the dreadful disease known as cancer. So, suffice it to say that my heart goes out to those whom this story may apply to.

With that being said, folks, a new study suggests that many cancer survivors struggle with money problems that can affect their mental health and quality of life.

Now, I know for a fact, when my dad was dealing with Cancer before he passed away in 2013, the medical bills were astronomical. In fact, the nurse in the hospital in Baltimore where he was receiving treatment towards the end of 2012, told him, in my presence, that he was being charged about $5,000 per day for his stay in the hospital that week while he was receiving some sort of drug due to a relapse from his cancer problems.

Apparently, she thought it best to tell us we should consider receiving the treatment at home, vs. staying in the hospital and accumulating a ton of medical bills. I remember right after she walked out, my father bursted into tears and said out loud in agony “I would prefer to just die, vs having my family accumulate all these bills to treat me!”

My mom and I gathered around and comforted him, but let’s just say it didn’t do too much and the family is still footing the bill as of the time of this writing…even though my dad did not make it.

So, I can definitely attest to the fact that cancer survivors AND their family members do in fact struggle with money problems that can affect their lives.

But, I digress….let me get back into this report, folks.

Now, researchers analyzed 2011 data from over 19 million U.S. cancer survivors to determine rates of financial troubles among these patients.

Very tellingly, at least 29 percent of the survivors reported at least one financial problem associated with their cancer, its treatment or lasting effects of treatment.

Specifically, 21 percent said they worried about paying large medical bills, 11.5 percent could not pay the cost of medical care visits, 7.6 percent said they had to borrow money or go into debt, 1.5 percent declared bankruptcy, and 8.6 percent reported other money problems.

It should be noted folks that cancer survivors facing financial struggles were said to be at a higher risk for depression and mental distress.

They had lower physical and mental health-related quality of life, and were more likely to worry about the return of cancer than those who did not report financial problems.

The study by Norman Carroll, of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, was published online March 14 in the journal Cancer.

Here’s Carroll’s statement: “Our results suggest that policies and practices that minimize cancer patients’ out-of-pocket costs can improve survivors’ health-related quality of life and psychological health. Reducing the financial burden of cancer care requires integrated efforts, and the study findings are useful for survivorship care programs, oncologists, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients and their family members.”

Well, what do you guys think about this story?

Like me, do you know of any cancer survivors or their family members who may be dealing with financial problems as a result of the treatment of the disease?

What solutions do you guys suggest?

Personally, I suggest we as a society should look into PREVENTIVE methods of dealing with Cancer, vs trying to deal with the disease after all and then being encumbered with money problems afterwards.

Also, as I pointed in my video on dealing with Cancer right here in my channel, people…it’s safe to say that MOST (if not all) forms of conventional methods of treating cancer do NOT deal with the CAUSE of the disease, but perhaps may attempt to deal with the symptoms itself.

However, considering the dreadful side effects that come from chemotherapy, the cancer drugs etc, and the many, MANY people who have had the cancer come right back, it begs to state: Let’s work on trying to prevent the disease as much as possible, vs. having to deal with it in the first place.

Now, I will leave a link to my video on steps you can take to prevent cancer, but here’s a summary:

  1. Try to eat a PLANT-BASED diet of mostly seeded, seasonal fruits and vegetables and considering steering clear of ALL animal products (including beef, poultry, dairy etc), processed, junk, greasy foods.
  2. Steer clear of Tobacco products, Alcohol and other recreational drugs which have all been linked to various forms of cancer.
  3. Stay hydrated and try to revitalize your water with fresh lemon juice on a daily basis.

Well, as always, the link to this article will be in the description box below, in addition to my other videos on cancer.

Here’s wishing you all the best of health.


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