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Now, I’m not trying to start any controversies or conspiracy theories, I’m just reporting some health news and apparently it’s been reported that a new study seems to insinuate that Children conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) might have a slightly increased risk of developing blood cancer.

Very tellingly, researchers found that based on an analysis of more than 1.6 million children in Norway that Children born via IVF had a 67 percent increased risk of leukemia and a more than 3 times the risk of Hodgkin’s lymphoma compared to children conceived naturally.

Still, let me point out that the lead author of the story says Parents shouldn’t panic.

Now,  if any of you are asking, well “who is this lead author? “

That, friends will be Dr. Marte Myhre Reigstad with the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Women’s Health at Oslo University Hospital, and on a somewhat positive note, she says “The risk of childhood cancer is still very small, even after factoring in the results of this study”

She adds: “For example, in Norway, the risk of being diagnosed with leukemia within the first 10 years of life is 0.5 in 1,000, A risk increase of such magnitude as found in our study would amount to a risk of 0.8 in 1,000. So for children conceived by assisted reproductive technology, there is still only a very small chance of developing cancer.”

At this stage, in the study, published online Feb. 4 in the journal Pediatrics, researchers reviewed medical data for all children born in Norway between 1984 and 2011. Of the more than 1.6 million children, about 25,800 were conceived through different assisted reproductive technology procedures.

Researchers did not find any significant increase in IVF kids’ overall risk of cancer, other than leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which are cancers that affect blood cells. Well, on a related note, it should be stated that worldwide, more than 5 million babies have been conceived through assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF, according to background notes with the study.

So what do you guys think? Do you think there are any risks that could be associated with In Vitro Fertilization? Have you heard of any risks that may come with the process?

As for me, I will say this much: In Vitro Fertilization or not, one sure-fire way of reducing the chances of children (or anyone for that matter) catching cancer is to do what? Eat Plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, steer clear of intoxicants (drugs, alcohol), processed foods, excessive animal products. You know what? I’ve covered ALL of this in the specific chapter in my ebook that has to do with cancer, which believe it or not stemmed from me doing research on the disease after losing two close family members. So be sure to check that out on my website.

Anyway, Let me hear from you, drop your thoughts in the comments section below, it’s The Bodyhealthsoul Project….signing off!!

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