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The animals/fish whose flesh can be eaten based on God’s instructions include the following list:

Clean Land Animals

1. Antelope

2. Deer (Venison)

3. Goat

4. Ox

5. Bison (Buffalo)

6. Elk

7. Hart

8. Reindeer

9. Caribou

10. Gazelle

11. Ibex

12. Sheep (Lamb, Mutton)

13. Cattle (Beef, Veal)

14. Giraffe

15. Moose


Clean Birds

1. Chicken .

2. Grouse

3. Pigeon

4. Sparrow

(and other songbirds)

5. Dove

6. Guinea fowl

7. Prairie chicken

8. Swan

9. Duck

10. Partridge

11. Ptarmigan

12. Teal

13. Goose

14. Peafowl

15. Quail

16. Turkey

17. Pheasant

18. Sagehen


Clean Fish

Albacore| (Crevalle| Horse Mackerel| Jack)| Hardtail | (Blue Runner) Mullet Shad | Alewives (Branch| River Herring) Herring| (Alewife| Branch| Glut. Lake| River| Sea Herrings) Muskellunge| (Jacks) Sheepshead |Anchovy| Kingfish| Orange| Roughy |Silver Hake| (Whiting) | Barracuda| Long Nose Sucker| (Northern or Red Striped Sucker) Perch (Bream) Silversides

Bass| Common Sucker| (Fr. Water Mullet| White Sucker) Pike| (Pickerel| Jack) Smelt| (Frost or Ice Fish) | Black Drum| Crappie| (Black or White Crappies) Pig Fish Snapper

(Ebu| Jobfish| Lehi| Onaga| Opakapaka| Uku) Black Pomfret| (Monchong) Drum Pollack| (Pollock| Boston Bluefish) Snook| (Gulf Pike) | Blue Runner| (Hardtail) Flounder

(Dab| Gray| Lemon Sole| Summer or Winter Flounder| Yellow Tail) Pompano| Sole| Bluebacks| (Glut Herrings) Grouper| Black| Nassau| Red or Yellowfish Grouper| Gag) Red Horse Sucker| (Redfin) Spanish Mackerel | Bluebill| Sunfish| Grunt| (White / Yellow Grunts) Red Snapper Steelhead | Bluefish| Gulf Pike (Robalo| Snook| Sergeant) Redfish Striped Bass

Bluegill| Haddock| Robalo| (Gulf Pike) Sucker (Red Horse Sucker| Redfin) Bonitos| Hake| Porgy(Scup) Sunfish| Bowfin Halibut Red Drum| (Redfish) Tarpon| Buffalo fish Hardhead Rockfish Trout| Gray Sea| Lake| Sand Sea| White Sea| Spotted Sea Trouts| Weakfish) | Butterfish Mackerel| (Cobia) Salmon| (Chum| Coho| King| Pink or Red) Tuna (Ahi| Aku| Albacore| Bluefin| Bonito| Shipjack|Tombo| Yellowfin| Yellowtail) Carp| Mahimahi| (Dorado| Dolphin fish – NOT the mammal dolphin) Sardine | (Pilchard) Turbot (except European turbot)

Chubs (Bloater| Longjaw| Blackfin) Menhaden Scup (Porgy) Whitefish| Cod| Minnow| Sea Bass| Whiting (Silver Hake) | Sergeant Fish (Gulf Pike)| Yellow Perch



Unclean Land Animals

1. All Swine: Boar| Peccary| PIG (HOG| BACON| HAM| LARD| PORK)

2. Canines: Coyote| Dog | Fox| Hyena| Jackal| Wolf

3. Equines: Ass | Donkey | Mule| Horse| Onager| Zebra (quagga)

4. Felines: Cat| Cheetah| Leopard| Lion| Panther| Tiger


Other Unclassified Unclean Animals

Armadillo| Kangaroo| Rat| Badger Llama (alpaca| vicuña) Rhinoceros| Bear| Mole| Skunk| Beaver| Monkey| Slug| Camel| Mouse | SNAIL (ESCARGOT) | Elephant| Muskrat Squirrel

Gorilla Opossum Wallaby| Groundhog| Porcupine| Weasel | HARE RABBIT| Wolverine | Hippopotamus| Raccoon| Worm |


Unclean Birds

Albatross| Eagle| Magpie| Roadrunner| Bat| Flamingo| Osprey| Sandpiper | Bittern| Grebe| Ostrich| Seagull | Buzzard| Grosbeak| Owl| Stork |Condor| Gull| Parrot| Swallow

Coot| Hawk| Pelican| Swift| Cormorant| Heron| Penguin| Vulture | Crane| Kite| Plover| Water Hen| Crow| Lapwing| Rail| Woodpecker| Cuckoo| Loon| Raven|


Unclean Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles: Alligator| Caiman | Crocodile| Lizard| Snake| Turtle

Amphibians: Blindworm| Frog| Newt | Salamander | Toad


Unclean Fish and Marine Animals

1. Fish: Bullhead| CATFISH| Eel| European turbot| Marlin| Paddlefish| Shark| Stickleback| Squid| STURGEON (INCLUDES MOST CAVIAR)| Swordfish


3. Soft Body: Cuttlefish | Jellyfish| Limpet| Octopus | Squid (calamari)

4. Sea Mammals: Dolphin| Otter| Porpoise| Seal| Walrus| Whale


You may notice that some animals are listed here in Upper Case. I have done that on purpose because these are animals that I know people consume a lot. I know I used to.

However, as we can plainly see all the unclean animals listed here are not safe for human consumption according to God’s orders and who would know best but HIM.

In addition, even the clean animals have to be in their natural state (environment, access to specific diet, not sick, slaughtered properly, not cooked in fat, not highly seasoned etc) to be healthy and again on a permissible note as the Lord said “these are the animals you MAY eat…”

It should be noted that God did not give man permission to eat animal food until after the flood and it is worth mentioning that the only reason for this was because everything had been destroyed upon which man could subsist, and therefore the Lord, out of necessity gave Noah permission to eat of the clean animals which he had taken with him into the ark. However, as previously mentioned, He still gave conditions on how the animals could be consumed, which virtually no one I have seen who eats meat adheres to.

A major reason that God formed plant life in the first place was to provide a source of food for man and beast that could be replenished. Although it became permissible to eat meat after the great flood, it can be truly stated that plants and plant yield are the purest biblical foods.

Well, I hope all the parts of this article have been able to give you a solid foundation on what the LORD prefers we eat for health and it’s recommended you read up on this article for even more information.

Here’s to Great Health!

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at

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This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



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