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Scientific Evidence About The Risks Of Eating Unclean Foods (part 1)

Folks, if the Bible states that God made this physical world and SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of this fact is present, then we should also be able to see physical, evidence that unclean foods are somehow harmful for human beings.

On a side note, if God “purified unclean foods,” the physical world should now exist with an absence of the risk in consuming them. That is there will be NO diseases or illnesses currently attached to eating meat the wrong way. (Unclean animals, fat consumption etc)

At this time, it is worth mentioning that the flesh of animals listed as “unclean” for human consumption in the Bible pose unique risks to humans who eat them.

Consider the following facts-

1. Webster’s Dictionary definition of “trichinosis” states:

“a trichinas disease marked by fever, diarrhea, muscular pains, etc. and usually acquired by eating undercooked, infested pork.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second Concise Edition, Avenel Books, 1975, see Heading “trichinosis,” page 798)

2. The Encyclopedia Americana supports this admonition by stating that:

“Hogs may be infested by parasitic roundworms called . . . (trichina), which are lodged in muscle tissue. The trichina can be transferred to humans if raw or inadequately cooked pork is ingested, and serious, sometimes fatal, illness may result . . . There is more likelihood of pork being contaminated by trichina in the United States than in Europe. In Europe, hog carcasses are inspected microscopically for evidence . . . of trichina.” (Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 22, 1988 Edition, see Heading entitled “Pork,” page 416)

3. The Americana also states the following about trichinosis:

“The disease is worldwide, and about 15% of the United States population is said to be infested, although the majority of cases remain symptomatic. The degree of severity of the infection is believed to depend on the number of trichinae contained in the ingested pork . . .

The mortality of symptomatic cases runs from 5 to 40% . . . Once the trichinae are encysted in muscle tissue they cannot be dislodged . . . Death is usually from cardiac or respiratory failure in the acute phase.” (Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 27, 1988 Edition, see Heading “Trichinosis,” p. 99)

Pay close attention to this fact, despite increased steps to protect the public from pork-related trichina infections, approximately 15% of Americans have become infested anyway!

Now, consider the following about shellfish poisoning:

” . . . any of a group of disorders that develop following the eating of oysters, clams and other shellfish harvested from polluted waters. Nearly all the disorders are caused by disease organisms or the toxic substances ingested by the shellfish. The disorders range from diseases such as cholera and infective hepatitis to attacks of diarrhea and vomiting caused by unidentified organisms.

“One of the most serious disorders in this group is paralytic shellfish poisoning associated with . . . certain protozoa . . . that are eaten by shellfish. ” (Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 24, see Heading entitled “Shellfish Poisoning,” p. 697)

In an adjoining article, the Americana defines “shellfish” as:

” . . . aquatic shelled invertebrates, many of which are popular foods. See Clam, Crab, Crustacea . . . Lobster, Mollusk, Oyster, Shrimp, Snail and Slug.” (Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 24, see Heading entitled “Shellfish Poisoning,” p. 697)

See you in part 2 of this article.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at

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This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:




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