Refined Grains May Cause Many Physical Problems

Refined Grains May Cause Many Physical Problems

Dear Friends, refined grains are associated with not only malnutrition, decreased resistance to disease, mental instability, and being overweight. they also cause or increase the severity of Premenstrual Symptoms.

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They reduce cognitive or intellectual functions, especially in children. Refined grains, along with refined sugar, also contribute to our current epidemic of heart diseases and so much more. (Of course, in addition to erroneously consuming excessive flesh and animal products.)

Following is just a partial list of other health problems related to the intake of refined grains: Acne| Addiction To Drugs (Including Caffeine And Alcohol) Anxiety| Behavioral Problems| Binge Eating| Bloating| Bone Loss| Candidiasis| Depression| Difficulty Concentrating| Eczema| Edema| Emotional Problems| Fatigue| Food Cravings| Hormonal Imbalances| Hyperactivity| Insomnia| Mental Illness| Mood Swings| Premature Aging| Psoriasis| And The List Goes On.

Refined Grains Are Notorious For Excessive Weight Gain:

In regards to dealing with weight loss or controlling weight gain, there are certain food items that are especially notorious in regards to elevating the increase of the excess weight or pounds.

These include:

1. Refined Carbohydrates:

-These items contain refined sugars which are said to be the greatest cause of weight gain, as a result anything containing them should be avoided, however, the emphasis is on refined carbohydrates, not ALL carbohydrates. In regards to the popular notion that ‘carbohydrates’ are bad for you, that is not exactly accurate. It is the BAD carbohydrates like junk food (cookies, cakes, sodas all heavily laced with white sugar) that are bad for you. You should eat high-fiber carbohydrates such as fruits, some permissible whole grains (millet, barley, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice <soaked overnight>) and root vegetables. Carbohydrates are not the enemy. They are essential to life.

Bad refined carbohydrates are the culprit as they have been robbed of any nutritional value. They spike the blood sugar then send the eater crashing and feeling foggy and spacey.

2. Soft Drinks:

An average can of Soda has approximately 14 teaspoons of sugar in it. Without adequate exercise, if one can of soda is consumed daily, in one year, a person could easily gain about 15 pounds. Folks, all refined sugars increase inflammation in the body and erratic cell firing. In addition, very tellingly, it has been alleged that kids who consumed refined sugars on a daily basis, had a significantly higher risk for violence later on in life.

3. Confectioneries:

Items such as bread, cakes, cookies, pies, candy and gums fall in this category. Almost all of them have a large amount of refined sugars which as previously mentioned not only induces weight gain, but also brings about psychological problems.

4. Refined Grains:

When consumed, these turn rapidly into sugar. All baked goods (like bread, pies, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereals) fall into this category.

At this present time, we have gone over why grains in and of themselves should be avoided, however, let’s examine how their effects could be doubled when refined. Friends, as mind boggling as it is and honestly unnecessary as the whole process may be, the act of refining grains involves removing the outer shell (fiber) & germ (nutrients) of a grain, leaving only the endosperm.

As a result, when you see the word enriched on the label of a grain product, it means that the maker of the product has attempted to replace some of the missing nutrients with additives.

This should make one wonder why remove the items in the first place?

When such items are consumed, the high percentage of starch is quickly broken down into sugars which hit the bloodstream almost as rapidly as refined sugars do.

Consequently, dealing with all of this sugar exhausts the pancreas and produces diabetic/hypoglycemic reactions, which could explain why a lot of people suffer from a multitude of blood sugar problems. It should also be noted that the high consumption of refined sugars & grains causes a host of psychological problems which are mostly dealt with through drugs. The drugs only aggravate the problem and truly only mask the symptoms.

Very tellingly, prior to the year 1900, would you believe that almost no refined sugars or grains were eaten in the United States or anywhere on the globe and it is worth noting this fact because studies and research have stated there is a strong link between mental illnesses and refined sugars.

It should be noted that refined grains also play a huge role in the bad behavior of kids, which often leads to them being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. What’s also more disturbing is the doctors blindingly prescribe yet another drug with potential consequences to treat the symptoms instead of removing the cause.

Delving further, it should be noted that the refined grains are highly mucus forming, even more so than the parent/whole counterparts/origins and since 1965, it should be stated that scientists have repeatedly linked the excessive consumption of grains (whole or refined) with schizophrenia.

Now, I am quick to note that the average person could state that humans are omnivorous in that we can eat of both the animal and plant kingdoms. They may say our bodies have evolved to digest almost everything.

Well, just because we are able to chew something up and excrete it does not mean we are biologically designed to eat that food item. We all can eat candy and other junk food items, but does that mean we are omnivores. No, junk food is not good for us and we will pay the price for eating it, as every degeneration in our foods leads to a subsequent degeneration in our bodies.

So, please keep that in mind going forward when it comes to your selection in choosing foods for you and your loved ones.

In Friendship,

Foras Aje

“One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you dont feel like doing it.” – Unknown


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:




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