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Vegetarian Recipes For QUICK and Tasty Salads

I personally have reached the stage with my dietetic habits where if I choose to be raw (which is most to the time now) I simply eat fruit only.

Hey it’s sweet, doesn’t involve excessive clean-up procedures or preparations and is suited for a bachelor, at least as of the time of this writing.

Nonetheless, I understand that most people may not be able to embrace the concept of eating ‘just fruit’. That said, the success of many people on a mostly raw vegan diet may hinge on the use of salads. Therefore the following tips and recipes are being offered herewith.

At this stage, as good as leaves may be for us as humans, we are truly fruit eaters. Therefore, I recommend limiting yourself within 1-2 lbs of leaves per adult and 1/2 to 1 pound per kid. For filling purposes, augment your salads with fruit veggies such as Cucumbers, or root veggies such as Carrots.

Cabbage alone is fine and due to its fibrous character is a great intestinal broom. Finely cut and served with any of the dressings provided herewith is great.

Other great vegetables for bases are of course lettuce, and chopped celery, chopped tomatoes and bell peppers.

Ensure to chop the base vegetables all to the same size to allow the flavors to intermingle. Pregnant and nursing mothers and growing kids and teenagers should have a huge salad as often as possible. When making salads for the whole family you can double the ingredients in the recipes and increase the vegetables.

The Real Ranch Dressing:

-2 medium sized tomatoes

-2 young coconuts

-1/2 tsp of salt

-6 organic sun dried tomatoes

-I stalk of Celery

-1 tbs of lemon juice (optional)

Blend all and use as a dressing for a lettuce based salad. (Note: I recommend using one base leafy vegetable at a time, if desired a fruit veggie like cucumbers or organic bell peppers can be used along with shredded carrots)



-2 avocadoes

-2 medium tomatoes

-1/2 orange or Lemon juice (for the tangy taste vinegar may offer)

-Sea salt to taste


Dress Down Dressing:

-1/2 lemon

-2-3 avocadoes

-Sea Salt to taste

-1/2 cup water

Blend all together or mash without water in a separate container. This simple combo will give any dressing a run for its money anytime, any day, anywhere!

Some people simply drizzle olive oil on their cut up vegetables and add salt and lemon juice, which I have tried and is palatable as well. You can also blend some Organic Almonds, tomatoes and salt and together and use as a dressing if so desired. However, on a personal note, again, I have a tendency to stick to mostly fruits and celery.


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The Bodyhealthsoul Team


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