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A Vegetarian Recipe for Cooked Root Vegetables

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Cooked Vegetable Options:

Roots for dipping:

The main procedure being done here is to create a dip of sorts using cooked root vegetables. That said, from my experiences, the kind of potatoes that work best for this would be the following:

1. White Potatoes

2. Garnet Yams

3. Jersey Sweet Potatoes

4. Japanese Yams

5. Russet Potatoes

Boiling option:

a. So for any of these roots, hold them under a running faucet (filtering shower head) peel and boil in saline water consisting of approx 4 tsps of un-iodized sea salt and water. ( a trick my mom taught me as a kid is to taste the saltiness of the water before proceeding with cooking as the intensity of that depicts how salty your dish will be)

b. Ensure that the water is boiled first (this can be done of course while peeling the roots), then add the peeled and cut up roots (try to cut them as small as possible perhaps 2-3″ cubes).

c. Boil for about 30-40 minutes or until well done and scoop out the roots into a container.

d. Allow them to cool off (I usually wait about 20 minutes).

e. While they are cooling, scoop the flesh out of some washed Avocadoes and mash them up after adding sea-salt to taste. (See to it that you do not add too much salt approx ½ a tsp + 3-4 avocadoes seems alright for me. )

f. Now that you have made your basic ‘dip’ simply dip the roots and eat as you would (of all things) French Fries and Ketchup.

*As a side note, I will provide other tasty dips that could be used in place of just Avocadoes in the section labeled as Other Dips for Cooked Dishes. However, for the convenience, ease and speed, I simply just use avocadoes most of the time.

Baked option:

For any of the aforementioned roots, you can simply bake them using the following directions:

a. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

b. Bake the roots whole until tender. (Easily about an hour or more)

c. When done, simply put them into a dish on the table, peel and again simply dip the roots and eat as you would (of all things) French Fries and Ketchup.

*For this baking option, salt is unnecessary for the main fact that although it may take a while for the roots to be tenderized versus boiling, the sweet potatoes come out tasting arguably sweeter which, according to Professor Arnold Ehret the author of the acclaimed MucusLess Diet Healing System is actually an improvement as the starch in the roots have been converted into healthy carbohydrates.

Moreover, the nutrients in the roots are kept much more intact than boiling. But really, let’s face it, if you have had your lemonade and fruits all day, you really are not missing any nutrients per se, this is just to allow for the pleasure of eating something cooked. In addition, you are dipping the roots in nutrient based avocadoes anyway.

As you can see, that’s not so hard to do, you are still eating what most coin “real food” and this is way healthier.

(If you so desire, you could also boil the roots whole and unpeeled in their skin, immersing the whole root under boiling water. Although for speed, I usually use the afore-mentioned boiling method of peeling the skins first.)


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