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Poor Health Could Be Linked to Second Guessing God’s Laws!!

We can all agree on one thing and it is that no one wants to be sick.

Well, the Creator of this entire universe never intended that anyone be sick either.

Bible Laws the Foundation of Good Health

Now, we have all been in a position where we were placed in charge of other people for whatever reasons either as a parent, guardian, teacher, instructor, older sibling and so on. Therefore, we can all relate to how we want those placed in our care to simply do or not do what we tell them based on our superior knowledge and experience. We simply want those we are in charge of to trust our judgment.

Dear Friends, it is safe to say it’s a similar way with God, especially in regards to our health and overall well-being.

At this time, there are no recorded reasons for the various guidelines God has given us on what to do to be healthy in the different times they were issued in the Bible. Then again, there’s no recorded account of those who He spoke to concerning these issues asking for the reasons on why the guidelines were being given in the first place.

However, the guidelines do exist and I believe that God would expect us to trust His wisdom since He made all things.

But if need be, with scientific studies and research, the reasons why He gave the instructions on health are now available since we live in the age where as Daniel 12:42 says in the Bible: “…Knowledge shall increase.” Therefore, with all the technological and scientific advances of our time, a better understanding of the laws in the Bible for our well-being is now more accessible and within reach.

It is noteworthy that many discoveries of modern medical science were already given thousands of years ago first to Adam and Eve, (when the world was perfect) then Noah, (before and after the Genesis Flood) and finally, to the ancient Israelites (with more detail and some modifications to accommodate mankind’s imperfections, as will soon be explained in this book). Furthermore, it may seem strange to think that the Bible, of all books, has laws that have to do with health. However, several guidelines and principles for our well-being are in the Bible and very tellingly, they are ahead of their time!

Nonetheless, it should be noted that we still live in an age of increasing concern about heart disease, cancer, and a lot of modern diseases which afflict our generation.

Why is that?

Perhaps, this may be because man has not learned how to avoid sicknesses and what to do to stay well in all these thousands of years he has been on Planet Earth. Furthermore, even when man should know better, he often disregards his knowledge and does things he should not do, perhaps because the consequences need to proven to him. In addition, it seems that many people just may not know better due to misinformation and propaganda.

However, we have advanced as humans from a technological and scientific standpoint, so with the scientific and medical research done on God’s word, it is now easier to explain why God forbids and allows certain things for our own good, especially in regards to health.

With that said, there is one thing that is certain and may be the very foundation for the health of all living beings and that is: All living creatures on this planet Earth are designed to nourish themselves with what they are designated to eat and mankind is no exception!

Folks, when God created this world and everything in it, including humans, He set up laws to oversee His creation. Therefore, it is safe to say that sickness comes only as a result of violating these natural physical laws one way or the other.

However, on a very revealing note, this is often times overlooked or unknown by many people. As a result, in these modern times, our instincts have been destroyed and now we follow the guidelines of the various Dietetic Associations the world over, the Medical Fraternity and what everyone else is doing. Therefore, both believers and unbelievers are eating the wrong way instead of God’s way and suffice it to say, humans are now paying a very heavy price for this violation of God’s natural laws by having to live with so much sickness and diseases.

So, keeping that in mind, it is my hope that this article could be an introduction to the guidelines in the Bible for our health or at least a reminder of what they are for our own benefits.

Here’s to Better Health, the way the Father intended for us!

Yours in Christ,

Foras Aje

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”–Arnold Schwarzenegger


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



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