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Just How Safe is Soul Food?

Let me start by saying for soul food lovers, “Soul Food kills the body …period!”

Nowadays, most people probably know what Soul Food is or what most African Americans coin it to be.

However, for the uninformed, the term “soul food” is used to refer to a type of cuisine that is associated with the African-American culture in the southern United States.

Very tellingly, the recipes for Chicken Fried Steak, Cracklins, Hoghead Cheese, Chitterlings, Hoppin’ John, and other popular soul food dishes were first created by slaves who needed to cook delicious and sizeable meals to enjoy after a long day of strenuous physical labor. However, after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865, soul food became an inexpensive way for the newly freed slaves to feed their families as they struggled to build a new life. Understandably though, at that time, perhaps these people had no choice or were just uninformed as I would say that it couldn’t have cost that much for fresh fruit and vegetables in those times-at least after the emancipation.

On a side note about cost, people always tell me that the healthier plant-based diet is more expensive, but I always respond by stressing that when you take out the money that is used for such commonly purchased items like breakfast cereals, bread, junk foods, processed and package foods AND vitamins, supplements, visits to the hospitals for the inevitable sickness that comes from consuming unfit items, a mostly non-meat diet or ( if it has to be done) a plant-based and clean meat diet is very much wiser and beneficial & cost effective.

Going back to soul food, the recipes were typically a reflection of the cook’s originality, and it is noteworthy that most Black people still eat these meals or variations of them perhaps every weekend however, since Soul Food or variations of it are consumed by several races and not just black people and since the items from which Soul Food originates from are still consumed a lot by other races, then this segment applies to virtually everyone that eats the standard modern diet.

Most of the items that mankind consumes today are ALL acidic and thus mucus-forming products that really tax and poison the human body. Soul Food is very dangerous. It’s not only the ingredients that are not safe, but the way the foods are prepared is another factor that makes the diet harmful.

For one the meat used for the meal is laced with hormones – growth hormones. These hormones are injected in the animals to speed up their growth (for conversion into food meats) but then humans turn around and eat these animals and then consume the same hormones secondhand. Consequently just like the cow, chicken, or turkey, they blow up and get fat and huge.

Based on Leviticus 11 in the Bible, the reasons why the flesh of certain animals can be eaten is because they eat primarily green vegetation. Therefore, humans could get some nutrients second hand, however since most bred animals of this age are fed improper diets and hormones that inevitably is what humans consume on a second hand basis, in addition to the inevitable toxins from the flesh.

It should be noted that eating too much meat is causing a host of adverse health conditions for mankind. All meat and dairy contain cholesterol, so when you eat meat you are also consuming the animal’s cholesterol. What that means is you have your own human cholesterol and the cholesterol from animals flowing through your veins. Inevitably, common sense dictates that you will have high cholesterol if you consume large amounts of things that contain cholesterol like meat and dairy.

At this stage, let’s go over another fatal disease-Stroke, in some detail.

In medical language, a stroke is referred to as a “Cerebrovascular Accident” (CVA)-which is basically caused by lack of oxygen (medically called “ischemia”) to the brain brought about by obstruction due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

The following is an extract from a medical journal: “The chief killer is a disease known as arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. The arteries become stiffened; their inner walls are lined with a coating of calcium. Sometimes they clog and crack and the person dies of a stroke. Or they overwork the heart by trying to force blood through tubes narrowed due to calcium deposit and cause heart failure.”

Since a stroke involves the buildup of deposits that causes thickening and hardening of the artery walls, the greatest dietary culprits in the cause of it are meat and dairy products. The reason for this is because they have a high production of mucus, plaque, and other hardened substances that obstruct blood flow throughout the body in general, but in the case of a stroke-the brain in particular is affected.

A stroke can strike at random without warning, and is said to be in the top 5 diseases that kills residents of the USA.

Food is medicine. Just as good food makes you healthy and vibrant, bad food makes you plump, sluggish, sad and stupid. It should be noted that diet accounts for 30-35% of all environmentally caused cancers.

To conclude, try this experiment, make some soul food or get some from a restaurant. Get a serving for you and one for an imaginary guest. Empty his portion in a cooking vessel, using the same quantities as you are eating and drinking yourself. Stir this concoction thoroughly. Now cook this mixture in an oven on high for no less than 30 minutes, heck use a microwave. Now cover the food and leave it overnight for at least 24 hours I bet you when you remove the cover in the morning a distinct AND pungent surprise will await you.

Well, that’s what it’s like on the inside of the average human. That said, it’s time to make a change people!!

So, let’s do so right away…if it applies.

In Friendship,

Foras Aje


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