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How To Pick Pilates and Yoga DVD’s For Home Practice

The other day a friend of mine and myself were at the library and saw a yoga workout DVD. He checked it out on his own impulse then when he was told the due date on the item, he turned to me and asked if it was a good idea to just buy his own copy of the Yoga DVD.

I pondered on the question and what I told him basically is the backbone of this article.

Folks, it depends on what you hope to get out of the recording when it comes to the exercise. Still, the fact that one may consider the physical culture in the first place for self-improvement is to be commended.

Suffice it to say that buying/owning your own DVD will be an excellent choice if the goal here is more of physical improvement versus spiritual enlightenment.

I say that because upon browsing through most DVD options on Amazon’s list, it is quite apparent that several (if not all of them) tend to address the physical poses.

However friends, that is only one of the several limbs that go hand-in-hand to make up Yoga.

Even from an observation of its name alone, Yoga that comes from the word ‘yuj’ in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where it originated means  “union”. We can think of the union occurring between mind, body and spirit.

So that in and of itself tends to go against what many people think yoga is; which is just stretching.

Don’t get me wrong; while stretching is certainly involved, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility.

That said, to now address if a purchase of the DVD is worth it for home practice, well if you are someone who enjoys watching things on a specific screen and also would like to be able to pause, fast-forward or rewind as needed, of if you need to skip to specific scenes on the recording depending on your needs, I’ll say yes.

It’s perhaps the next best thing to having an instructor walk you through the poses and could go hand-in-hand with learning poses with printed out instructions.

I will be the first to admit that this author did get his appetite whetted via such forms of educational media.

That said, yes, DVD recording on Yoga can be useful-as long as you remember to not just stop with those options only.

Your own practice, research online and in books will definitely not hurt and could possibly help immensely.

Take Care Friends.

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