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I used to work with a young and actually attractive lady who was slightly overweight. She wasn’t fat per-se, but she always was obsessed with her figure.

One day during a lunch meeting, she brought out some pills to take and told me they were weight loss pills and that led to us discussing the efficiency of such tablets.

Like her, statistics are showing that around 70% of American population is victim to being overweight, and the number is continuously on the rise. So it shouldn’t be any wonder that many are in search for named weight loss pills in the aim of attaining just that: a healthy and lasting weight loss.

Nonetheless, it still makes one wonder that why one would need weight loss pills in the first place.

To answer this, the advocates of most of these pills claim that since the body is losing nutrients while dieting and losing mass there is the need for healthy weight loss supplements.

However, members of the drug-free fraternity tend to have a different view of the subject as according to the writings of Dr. Stanley Burroughs, the only things the body will be losing when losing weight (on a healthy diet that is), will be toxemia, disease and waste and not necessarily nutrients.

Moreover, if the bulk or total component of your diet comprises of Fruits, Veggies (leafy and root ones) and perhaps Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds, there is perhaps little or no way you’ll be missing out on nutrients!

In addition, it has to be brought to awareness of the several users of such pills that these substances do tend to have a lot of side effects which include-but are not limited to:

* Nervousness

* Irritability

* Headaches

* Dry mouth

* Nausea

Besides, like several people who have failed with so called diets; chances are that right after using these substances, if you have not already tuned the body to subsisting on a healthy and proper diet, you very well might gain all the weight right back.

Still, there is good news in all of this and it is that with the three limbs of the drug-free route, one can easily shed the excess pounds and perhaps keep the off for good, while simultaneously improving one’s health.

Perhaps little or nothing could beat that…not even weight loss pills.

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Some succeed because they are destined. Some succeed because they are determined.
– Unknown

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