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Okay, getting back to the task at hand: tips on how to do the Yoga Headstand.

At the closing portion of the last article I had mentioned that one should go into a a child’s pose before getting ready to go into the headstand.

What exactly is a child’s pose?

To put it as plain as possible, imagine sitting on your knees, then bending forward until your forehead is resting on the floor; or better still google it under google images.

See it?

Not difficult at all eh?

Okay, now to define it, The Child’s Pose is a relaxation pose which is used to normalize the circulation after the Head Stand and to give a counter stretch to the spine after the backward bends.

It is a resting pose that can be done to precede or follow most poses.

So, sit in the child’s pose for about 3 minutes, with the eyes closed,

Now for your own home practice

Start by interweaving the fingers, make a fingerlock and keep it on the blanket so that the locked hands serve as a vertex and the two elbows as the base, enabling the forearms to balance the body. The top of the head may be supported from behind by the fingerlock while doing this asana.

Now, the next step it to keep the top of your head on the blanket close to the fingerlock. The portion of your scalp that you want on the mat is the actual CENTER of your head.

What I do is to perform the Dolphin Pose (use google images for a reference)  which would mean to put more pressure on my scalp by balancing on the ‘forearm’ vortex and toes and making sure that my neck is straight not crunched up towards or away from me. Straight. This ensures that you don’t suffer a curvature of the spine while in the pose.

Now walk the toes and knees close to the body and when the trunk is sufficiently thrown back, you can slowly remove the toes from the ground. Slowly raise the legs high up in the air till the whole body becomes erect.

Okay Foras, I tried that, almost got it but can you go slower:

Well, if you’re in that category…Here it is step, by step:

1 – Arms & Hands

Sit up on your heels, then catch hold of both your elbows with the opposite hands. Lean forward and lay your forearms on the ground, directly beneath your shoulders.

Make sure the support in front of you is literally an equilateral triangle

2 – Position of Your Head

Now walk the toes and knees close to the body and when the trunk is sufficiently thrown back, you can slowly remove the toes from the ground.

Step 3 – We’re almost there

Slowly raise the legs high up in the air till the whole body becomes erect.

Step 4 – All the Way

Straighten you knees and lift your feet up toward the ceiling. Support your weight by bracing your elbows against the ground. For a newbie, trust me, it will fee like; I don’t know, you have to try it yourself. But I have to say, do not let fear, worry or intimidation kick in about your neck.

If you have followed my advice on how to position your head, you should be fine. Moreover, dare I say only about 10% of your bodyweight is actually being supported by your neck! The rest is on your arms; and dudes say yoga is for girls?

Anyway, At first, hold the Headstand for 30 seconds; as you become more skilled at adopting this pose, gradually increase the time to 3-5 minutes.

Okay, I’m out of space see you in part 4 of the series.

In Friendship,

Foras Aje

# # #

In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.
– Theodore Roosevelt


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