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Very few things in life that are worthwhile come without a price and that’s just the way it is. Heck, even love-contrary to what some songs and therapists say-does have a price associated with it.

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That considered, attaining improved health is also something that you would have to pay for-at least to a degree.

Now, one sure-fire way of cleansing the body and ridding it of excess toxemia would be via the use of a fast, and in spite of the fact that fasting may very well be a great remedy and cure all for several human ailments, it goes without saying that one is bound to experience some events associated with cleansing the body while undertaking such a regimen of improving health.

There are several types of cleanses that one could look into and they are each more or less effective and they include:

1. The Water fast: This, admittedly, should be conducted with extreme caution or in a specialized sanitarium if undertaken more than 3 days.

2. A Juice Fast or “The Lemonade Master Cleanser Diet”

3. Fasting on Vegetable Broth

4. A Restricted Mono-Meal of Seasonal Fruits Fast (more of a camouflaged fast)

Obviously, these options are being listed in a degree of efficiency and perhaps intensity and another connection herewith is in a reverse order, they can be used to prepare the body for more challenging detoxification based on their strength.

Any change from a poor diet to a healthy one is detoxifying and one is bound to go through some detoxification signs as a result.

This will include the removal of stored toxic products from the bowel, the blood, liver, and kidneys plus the great amount of toxic substances stored in body fat.

The indicators will include, but may not necessarily be limited to:




-Bad breath

-Glazed eyes

-A heavily coated tongue

But, since you are still reading this and are not scared off already (which is very good…)the main thing to keep in mind is that these symptoms usually pass within a few days, depending on your previous dietetic lifestyle.

Moreover, I could go as far as to saying that with a ‘preparatory diet’ or sorts such as the mucus-less diet of raw and or properly cooked fruits and vegetables and the no-breakfast plan that I’ve discussed elsewhere in this medium, you could altogether alleviate or ease the signs of events associated with cleansing the body that may come as a result.

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that some simple, yet immensely effective exercises such as Yoga and its derivatives which include Pilates, The Royal Court and even the popular ‘Burpees’ can all be added to aid with cleansing the body and elevating your moods while cleansing…just as long as you use them when you have the most strength.

Nonetheless, I will say that while you attempt any of the cleansing programs listed above, be sure that you

1. Get as Much Fresh Air as possible.

2. Get as Much Rest as Possible

3. DON’T use microwaves…at all.

4. Avoid negative mass media and suggestions.

5. Don’t overexert yourself, at least not till you feel up to physical activities

6. Don’t break a fast with just any food…fruits are your best bet.

Still intrigued?


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Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.
- Richard Bach


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:




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