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Take a look at animals (from a distance of course) and you will notice that when they are frightened or angered, they abstain from eating until after the passage of some time.


Because it is a natural built in instinct of theirs to not eat when emotionally upset.

Ever notice how a baby or toddler adamantly refuses to not eat when they are sad or hurt? Well, it’s the same instinct at play.

Folks, it is true that under stressful circumstances many

people refrain from eating and find that they lack the desire for food, the flip side is several people on the other hand all too often will eat large meals under these circumstances.

Well, if one is in the second category, I will tell you up front, it may not be such a great idea. This considered, perhaps the last thing you may want to do while dealing with depression is to eat excessively, I may go as far as to say to even eat at all.

Jesus Christ once said: “In this world there WILL be trials and tribulations…” So, yes, stressful situations are inevitable.

Furthermore, the demands of life may inevitably aggravate strong emotions within us such as worry, fear, rage and hopelessness.

Coincidentally, these are all symptoms of depression therefore; dealing with depression remains a task that most of us may have to undertake on a daily basis.

Therefore, follow the natural built-in instinct that you see animals and even babies and toddlers employ when sad: Don’t eat.

One very overlooked method of depression help and coping with its symptoms is quite simply a fast. It’s as old as the mountains and perhaps nothing comes close to restoring one’s emotional balance.

I don’t think it is a co-incidence that in the Bible when most of its patriarchs and matriarchs such as Moses, David, Esther, Elijah, Jonah (well he had no choice), Jesus, Paul etc were encumbered with a stressful situation, or weighed down with fear/worry or guilt, they did one thing-they fasted.

But Foras, those are biblical times.

True, but humans then are the same kind of humans now.

Folks, if fasting is combined with prayer, it really unleashes the mental powers within us to solve our problems. I think little or nothing else lets us hear that distinctive still-small-guiding voice inherent within all of us for directions in making it through this life.

All right, I admit, there are those people who just may not have any inclinations towards thing of a spiritual nature or could care less.

Well, if that sounds like you, let’s address how abstinence from food under stress could be useful in a physical assessment of things.

The first point to keep in mind is worry, fear, anxiety, excitement, hurry, heated arguments at meals, all prevent the secretion of the digestive enzymes of the body and hinder not only digestion, but the whole nutrition process.

What could be more disturbing is the meals they are eating sure enough are not even healthy foods like you may have noticed most of my articles support (items such as fruits and vegetables). Nope, they are mostly disease forming foods to start with, which as a result aggravate an already impeded digestion and assimilation.

So, when analyzed from that viewpoint, really what would be the point of eating in the first place when stressed out?

In addition, fasting as a means of a natural depression remedy, also greatly benefits one’s overall health as during its use, the digestive organs are given a rest.

This inevitably clears the mind paving the way for a removal of all moroseness. Even for the most unspiritual people, one will inevitably re-discover peace of mind and tranquility in time, making our present challenges not as burdensome.

To conclude friends, if part of your daily life involves coping with depression, it causes or its symptoms, perhaps the best thing to do will be to undertake a fast.

I am 100% sure it cannot hurt and may in fact help immensely.

# # #


“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”–Norman Vincent Peale

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