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How Eradicating Constipation Speeds Up Weight Loss

According to the research of pioneers in Naturopathy, it will be safe to say: Every disease or encumbrance such as obesity is simply a product of chronic constipation, which is a clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body.

Needless to say, eradicating constipation for a healthy weight loss will definitely be one step to take.

Prof Arnold Ehret, author of the Mucus-Less Diet Healing System, stated that in his fasting retreat, he had fat patients who eliminated up to 50-60 lbs of waste alone from their bodies! Chronic constipation (as in the colon) in itself might be the cause of a plethora of diseases.

Taking these into consideration, it definitely will be an understatement to say that all measure must be taken to alleviate constipation in our bodies as one means of achieving a healthy, effective and lasting loss of weight.

The average person is constantly carrying 10-15 pounds of un-eliminated feces in their bowels. This in itself has a toxic effect on the blood stream. Experts in autopsy have stated that in 60-70% of the colons examined, foreign matter such as worms and decades old feces-stones have been found still present within.

One has to look beyond the gimmicks and quick fixes promised us when it comes to weight loss and look at the broader picture when exploring our choices.

Yes, we want to be slimmer, but how clean we are on the inside is another factor that matters and perhaps the most important factor not only for a healthy weight loss, but for overall health.

In regards to eradicating chronic constipation as the foundation for a healthy weight loss regimen, briefly outlined are the causes and solutions for your edification.

Chronic Constipation may be caused by:

1. Failure to pay attention to the desire for bowel movement.

2. Lack of sufficient fruits and vegetables in the diet.

3. Lack of fluids by not drinking enough water. (Not just liquids as in sodas and alcohol!)

4. Poor food combinations and consumption of mucus forming and hard to digest foods.

Now, for the useful solutions, besides adhering to healthier choices of food items, exercise and perhaps an overall detoxification best found in a fast, here are some other steps one can implement to combat chronic constipation.

-Never drink during a meal.

-Also ensure to chew each mouthful of your meals thoroughly.

-Always ensure your meals are properly combined and spaced out adequately daily.

Weight Loss, as important a goal as it may be needs to be healthy and well planned out, it is my hopes these tips will come in handy for making yours a healthy weight loss.

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If you keep saying things are going to be bad, you have a chance of being a prophet.
– Isaac B. Singer

This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



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