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Medical (or clinical) depression-as it is more commonly known as-refers to any kind of depression that requires some form of treatment.

As normal as it may be for people to feel a state of melancholy or sadness from the death of a loved one or other similar situations, when depression begins to last for six months or more, then it is classified as medical (or clinical) depression.

Depressed woman with head in hands

Now, in regards to what causes this particular mental disorder, there has been debate between neurobiologists and psychologists on what causes depression – neuro-chemical imbalances or unfortunate experiences and negative thinking seem to top the list, but it is safe to say depression is not caused by one single factor.

In regards to the signs and symptoms of medical (or clinical) depression, according to The American Psychiatric Association, if a person exhibits at least five of the following symptoms almost every day for two weeks (and have the tendency to show at least one of the first two criteria), then such a person could be diagnosed as clinically depressed.

The signs are:

* Persistent feelings of sadness, irritability, or anxiety

* Overreaction to irritations

* Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed, including sex

* Sleeping too much, sleeping too little

* Losing or gaining weight

* Tiredness or restlessness

* Slowed movement, thought and/or speech

* Guilt, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness

* Inability to concentrate and poor memory

* Loss of motivation

* Feelings of hopelessness

* Suicidal thoughts and/or behavior

* Withdrawal from relationships, antisocial behavior

* Physical aches and pains that seem to have no other cause

The good news amidst all of this is there are options for treating depression from the more conventional FDA approved drugs, Psychologists, therapies (holistic or otherwise) and the personal desire to want to overcome the ailment.

One may very well just need to make the right choice for their own situation.

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