Healthy Substitutes For Popular Items That Seem Hard To Give Up

Healthy Substitutes For Popular Items That Seem Hard To Give Up

Now, let me provide you with some exact healthy alternatives if you do find yourself craving a specific item at times, until you master this new diet.

Healthy Substitutes For Popular Items That Seem Hard To Give Up

I am craving some fries Eat any of the potato based dishes provided in this article. Trust me, the craving will disappear, you will be satisfied and coming from a food connoisseur, any of the Roots for dipping dishes in this chapter REALLY do taste better. (Especially when using Japanese yams and Hass Avocadoes!)
I am craving some Chili Cheese fries Okay, the last time I had this, the first thought that popped in my head was this tastes like the “Porridge” dish I have provided here, especially if I use Garnett Yams. In fact, when using ORGANIC yams with the exact way I have outlined the recipe, the porridge tastes better and has a consistency that seems to disappear from the Cheese Fries. Trust me, I have tried Carl’s Jr, McDonald’s Burger King, no they don’t hold a torch to the simple, yet way much healthier porridge dish in this chapter!
I am craving some Chinese food Simply refer to any of my rice dishes in here.
I am craving some Pizza What you are most likely craving is cheese (fat) and Carbohydrates (basically), simply try any of the potato dishes in this article or if you must, again you can try the grain based dishes.
I am craving some ice-cream No Worries, Try any of my smoothie recipes in this Chapter (emphasis on Chocolate Milk, Papaya Passion and Strawberry Delight)
I gotta have some chips, cookies, candy Well, per the information given in this article, what you are really craving is carbohydrates. So, try the fastest fast food-Bananas! For all the benefits this fruit has as listed in this article of this book, you will be doing yourself and your body a whole lot of favors. Plus, bananas are sweet!
Meat Eaters: I gotta have some catfish, bacon! Oh Lord, Even though I don’t advocate eating meat and don’t eat meat myself, you can have PROPERLY REARED Salmon, Bass, Beef or Chicken instead. Dear Friend, we’ve gone over this elsewhere. Not only is it going against God’s law to eat such animals, it’s scientifically and medically unsafe!
New Vegetarians: Okay, I agree with you Foras, I am better off not eating meat, but right now I am craving some chicken or beef…what do you suggest? Hmm. When I swore meat off, I sort of never went back to it and never really craved meats of any kind. I mean what do they provide except protein mainly? Well, maybe because I was and am not protein deficient, becoming a vegetarian, then eventually a mostly-fruitarian, has not been difficult for me. However, on the note of Chickens, though not an ideal substance to eat per se, owing to its alkaline properties (as discussed elsewhere in this blog), Portobello and Shitake Mushrooms do taste like chicken. (I have confirmed this with a few conventional eaters by the way.)
What about Coffee? Well, my friend, may I refer you to
I need something with cheese! The Good Lord gave us avocadoes and you could add some salt.
Can I have a bagel, sandwich, steamed rice Again, you are most likely in need of high carbohydrate foods for your energy needs. Simply eat a lot more seasonal sweet fruits  Bananas, Baked or Boiled Plantains (see this article for the recipes) or any of the potato based dishes in the same chapter.
I need some vinegar for my salad, see I am eating Salads Foras…!! My dear Friend, use some Lemon or Lime Juice instead and read up this article for why Lemons are so good for you!
Can I use some salt? Hmm, yes, just make sure it’s uniodized sea-salt.
I gotta have something with chocolate It’s either you want something sweet, then simply eat a lot of sweet fruits. Or, if you want to add it to a smoothie or something, replace chocolate with Carob.
Wait a minute, no milk?! Dear Friend, please read this and see why even MEDICAL DOCTORS say milk and all dairy should be avoided. Don’t believe the hype promoted by people who endorse the use of dairy basically for their own gain.
What if I want to eat out? If you care about basic hygiene and cleanliness, I wouldn’t recommend such a practice.

Well, it is my hope that the table above will come in handy for you to be able to make the right choices when it comes to eating for health AND the best substitutes to be able to avoid temptations that may lead to past mistakes and errors.

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