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Healthy and TASTY Vegetarian Recipes for Plantains

Plantain for dipping:

What is a Plantain?

Plantains are a member of the banana family. They are a starchy, low in sugar variety that is cooked before serving as it is unsuitable raw. It is used in many savory dishes somewhat like a potato would be used and is very popular in Western Africa and the Caribbean countries.

Black Plantains

Some people fondly call them “potatoes of the air’ thus they can be used in most recipes calling for potatoes.

Still, listed below are some basic differences between plantains and bananas. Furthermore, I will provide the recipes on how they could be used.

Plantains Bananas

• Starchy

• Used as a vegetable

• Longer than bananas

• Thicker skin

• Resemble green bananas, but may be green, yellow or black •

Sweet Bananas

• Eaten as a fruit

• Shorter than plantains

• Thinner skin

• Color is green when not fully ripe, yellow when ripe

Boiling Option:

You can do one of 2 things depending on your preference and taste and these are to boil the plantain in its skin in plain water or to boil it peeled in saline water.

You could also boil plantains in their skin in saline water if you so choose.

Personally, I always used plantains when they are fully ripe and I usually go for the bigger ones in the South American stores that have minimal blemishes. Still, I am yet to taste plantains, bananas , mangoes or papayas like the ones back in Nigeria and I am quite sure it has to do with the fact that the ones here in US supermarkets are usually imported and may not be the cream of the crop per se of the countries they are exported from.

Now back to boiling plantains:

When Boiling With The Skin:

1. Wash the plantain thoroughly. It’s essential that you wash the plantain before boiling because since you’re boiling it, whatever dirt is on the plantain will go into the water and more than likely, you’ll end up ingesting some of that, so it’s indeed better to be safe than sorry!**

2. Cut into two’s or three’s (the smaller you cut, the quicker it’ll take to cook)

3. Now immerse the plantains in rapidly boiling water and allow it to cook till when the skin is just about to come off.

4. At this stage, remove the plantains (it’s best to not always pour away the water you use to steam or cook vegetables with as this robs them of a lot nutrients-except in the porridge dish listed above though.) and set them aside in another container or pot, then carefully remove the skin and set aside to cool. (I personally just use this time to wash whatever I have used thus far so I am not backed-up with a ton of dishes at the end.

When Boiling Without The Skin:

1. Simply Peel the Plantains by cutting of the tips of both ends and score the skin of the plantain, trying not to cut into the plantain itself. Do this along the “seam” of the plantain.

2. Cut the plantain into 2′s or 3′s then immerse in rapidly boiling saline water and allow it to boil until it turns yellow and is done.

You will notice that this option leaves you with a lesser clean up and may even be safer as you have peeled the plantain before boiling, however, I will admit, boiling the plantain in its skin makes them taste a little better.

You can also roast and bake plantains and yes, I admit, fried plantains are really good too….or “were” as I don’t eat fried foods anymore for obvious reasons discussed earlier on in this chapter, so for better health, you would want to avoid frying as much as possible.

Roasting Directions

1. When the barbecue is heated, place the peeled plantains on the barbecue grids and start roasting. Remember to turn the sides from time to time for an even roast.

Note: Plantain can also be roasted in an oven. Place the peeled plantains on the grill rack and place the rack as close to the grill as possible. Cover the oven and set to grill. The heat should be between 350°F and 400°F as the plantains need to be roasted slowly. Check from time to time and turn the plantains on the other side to ensure an even roast.

2. When the plantain is perfectly roasted.

3. The roasted plantain is ready to be served. Dip the roasted plantains in the salted mashed avocadoes or any of the other dip options provided herewith.

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