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Fruitarianism Has It’s Pros and Cons Part 3

Now for some more issues to address:

Nuts & Seeds

When I first started to eat more naturally and cut back on all processed and junk food items, I used to eat a lot of almonds and sunflower seeds.

I actually liked eating them with raisins and even unsalted, they did taste good. However, that was years ago. I have since been re-educated on the concept of food combination and the consumption of nuts and seeds especially in excess. Therefore I will pass that information on to you.

At the moment, like fruits and some vegetables, nuts and seeds are among the list of food items that can be consumed raw as all the rest (grain, some root vegetables, meat etc) have to be cooked and seasoned to be appreciated. Therefore, by reasoning, early raw food advocates and hygienists claimed that fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds consumed in their raw state should make up the natural diet of human beings. Part of the logic provided to reach this conclusion is that the early advocates suggested that since we are frugivorous creatures, like the great apes, we should make our diets similar to theirs.

This could be true and very tellingly, if we were to eat just like other frugivorous animals, then here’s something that could be alarming. Most great apes do not eat a lot of nuts except when they are in season and of course in their shells.

Here’s a more in depth detail of what the great apes/primates eat:

1. Gorillas: Have you ever seen “Gorillas in the Mist?” If you have, then you must have heard of Dian Fossey. If you have not, she is a noted primatologist who studied the behavioral patterns of these gentle giants. Well, according to her and another primatologist, Dr. George Schaller, it is observed that Mountain Gorillas eat primarily green vegetation since they cannot find much else in their environment while the Lowland Gorillas eat mostly fruits, tender plants and leaves. However neither one of the types of gorillas partakes in any animal products or by-products. Furthermore in an experiment done at the San Diego Zoo, gorillas were given a choice between fruits and vegetables for three months. Throughout that span of time, the apes only ate the fruits.

2. Chimpanzees: These apes eat mostly fruits, some green leaves, a few nuts when available and sometimes some of them do eat smaller vegetarian monkeys. But they always hunt down the monkey when applicable, kill it and eat it raw with their hands-down to the bone. Still, it should be noted that flesh represents less than 5% of their diet. (Well, you could say-there it is “eating meat is fine after all.” If that’s the case, re-read this article for Biblical & Scientific guidelines on that.)

3. Orangutans: These apes eat mostly fruits, some greens and rare seasonal nuts. They are said to eat a wide variety of fruits such as rambutan, wild fig and cempedak.

4. Bonobos: These are the closest of the great apes to human beings in a genetic and behavioral make up. Their diet is also very close to our ideal diet as they eat mostly fruits, sugar canes, young shoots and greens. They do not eat any nuts and like the rest of the apes, may swallow small insects and ants that may be lodged in their fruits. However, they are not seen hunting like chimpanzees. (So, there you have it, just because 1 out of the 4 great apes may partake RARELY in eating FRESH meat, it’s not necessarily a license for us to eat meat after all.

Therefore, it’s safe to gather that all other frugivorous animals eat a fruit based diet along with some greens, shoots and buds. Raw animals represent a very minuscule part of their diet (in the case of chimpanzees only as the other apes don’t actively seek out animals to eat.)

However, one big difference between us and them is we have adapted to a more modern life and have lost a lot of our instinct and have indeed changed over the years from something as simplistic as eating fruits and vegetables.

Nonetheless, we have similarities with other frugivorous animals, so our diet should be similar, but we are not exactly alike so our diets cannot be exactly the same.

Going back to nuts, if the early raw-food promoters included nuts in the natural diet of humans based on their assumptions that other primates eat these items, obviously , they were not entirely correct since Gorillas, Orangutans and Bonobos rarely eat nuts.

Actually, there could be some problems associated with excessive nut consumption.

According to the French Natural Hygienist, Albert Mosseri, when nuts are over-eaten, people could have liver problems, skin disorders, dizziness, fatigue, lowering of the digestive power, pus and abundant urine among others.

This can be linked to the fact that Nuts and Seeds, unlike Fruits and Vegetables, have high Fat and Protein Contents.

You may ask: “Won’t this be a good thing…?”

Yes and No.

When nuts and seeds are eaten sparingly, the way they are in nature (shelled-so the person/creature eating them has to instinctively slow down to eat them and may altogether get uninterested in eating any more), they are safe additions to a vegan or mostly fruit diet- however when consumed excessively, the fat and protein contents of these items could very well be detrimental.

Problems with Excess Fat:

Because of their complexity, fatty foods are one of the more difficult foods to digest. Very tellingly, it has been shown that a drop of oil could slow down digestion for 2 hours!

In addition, research has demonstrated that excessive fat consumption from animal or plant sources could contribute to the following health problems:

1. Diabetes

2. Candida

3. Chronic Fatigue

4. Lack of Energy or Lethargy

This may very well be the root of the problem for several vegans, vegetarians (even the raw ones) who try to eat the “Natural Diet”, but fall right off because they eat the more fatty, high protein (yet natural) foods like Nuts and seeds perhaps out of a fear of protein deficiency as has been ingrained by propaganda.

This is not what our physiology is designed to thrive on since a diet dominated by simple carbohydrates found in fruit and to a degree in properly cooked root and leafy vegetables is what most closely matches our needs. Therefore, to solve this problem, we have to eat more fruit daily. 10 bananas, 2 cantaloupes, 5 pounds of grapes, 8 big apples etc will not be excessive.

Another issue with nuts and seeds is they are actually seasonal foods.

They are NOT fresh year round, but only 2-3 months a year in the Fall and early winter months. Subsequently eating shelled nuts any other time, goes against God’s or nature’s intent of when they should be consumed. This would be similar to eating a cut up seedless watermelon in December. You can imagine just how incorrect that is.

Furthermore, here’s the nitty-gritty on why commercial packaged nuts and seeds in stores cannot be seen as natural products any more.

1. They have been dried (at very high temperatures), frozen at the warehouse and stored for months, maybe years.

2. They have been shelled. Nuts and seeds come in their shells so you have to do some work to consume them and inevitably the process could make you not eat as much and as fast as commercial nuts and seeds.

3. The shelled nuts roll along the conveyor belt with all the fumes and lubricating products involved, they are then bagged and boxed and trucked around to be stored in bins, perhaps exposing them to oxidization.

4. Again, nuts available year-round is not in line with nature’s intent. They are a seasonal food.

Well, as you can see , most if not all commercial nuts and seeds are no longer fresh and NOT the way they should be eaten as God intended through Nature they be given to humans.

Therefore in practice, yes, you may eat nuts and seeds with the following in mind:

1. Try to get in shell ones.

2. Eat only one kind of nut and then perhaps 2 tablespoons or so should suffice, which is perhaps all you would eat if you shell the nuts/seeds yourself anyway.

3. Eat nuts and seeds on separate days from other fatty plant matter like Avocadoes and Olives.

4. Do not eat nuts and seeds with sweet fruits, so trail mixes are out of the question.

5. Try not to eat fatty foods every day of the week.

That said, to conclude, I personally don’t eat nuts and seeds anymore and if desired, I simply get my fat needs from avocadoes-although I don’t purposely ever say “Gee, I need something with fat….” I just eat for taste-sweets, that’s my preference.

Here’s to Great Health and wellness Folks.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at


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This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



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