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Dear Brethren-Introducing the Daniel Diet (Part 2)

A raw vegan diet which is made up of fruits, some green leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, avocados or olives is probably the best. However, some people believe this is most practical when one lives in a fairly pristine environment and can absorb and synthesize important health constituents from the elements.

I have practiced fruitarianism, I do believe it is possible to eat such a diet perhaps with a ‘break’ from just fruits by eating avocados and celery (with or without some sea-salt) during the colder months or if you have a demanding career or something to take your mind off of food.

However, I think the focus for the average health seeker should be to reduce the consumption of mucus-forming foods, beverages and items. It is worth mentioning that some tribes of people such as the ones who reside in the mountains of Hagen, eat a diet that consisted of 80 % Sweet potatoes. The rest consisted of fruits and green leafy vegetables and they are said to be in near perfect health.

Everyone’s dietary needs (and tastes for that matter) differ. Moreover, everyone’s dietary needs changes as they go through different stages in life. Not only is there no one way for everyone to eat, there is also no one way for a person to eat. One time, eating mono-meals of fruits may be the best for cleansing and simplifying one’s life and the next time, it could be the salads and tasty recipes needed to make one feel happy as opposed to falling back to old habits. We simply have to approach eating right with intelligence, intuition and set goals for our health.

Furthermore, with the technologically advanced gadgets like blenders, food processors and salad spinners, you could make Fruit smoothies, Soups (Smoothies made from fruit vegetables and avocados) Dressings and Salads all by yourself without all the other harmful ingredients in most commercially made items. You can also make steamed vegetables but be sure to not steam the way most people do by boiling vegetables in a basket over a large quantity of boiling water that gets thrown away. This method of steaming robs the vegetables of too many vitamins and minerals. The best way is to cook the veggies in a pot, with a lid and as little water as possible so there is little or no water left at the end. Steam the vegetables till just when they begin to soften and they should remain firm and intact.

If cabbage, carrots, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower etc are slowly steamed in water (or even baked) they actually become sweeter, which proves that the carbohydrates in them are developed into sucrose (fruit sugar) more or less and the minerals and vitamins in them are not destroyed. This makes the proper steaming of vegetables an improvement and not a waste.

Nowadays, many volumes have been published by numerous dieticians that call their diet the best, safest, most effective, you name it. However, most of the time, not one of them is in accord with Nature such as is the case in the animal kingdom, which is SIMPLICITY with little or no mixtures at all.

No other creature when eating combines different foods at the same time or drinks between mouthfuls of food, with the possible exception of domesticated animals of course who have been conditioned into such habits by their civilized owners.

Truly, the ideal and perhaps most natural way of eating for all humans should be one kind of fresh fruit at a time when in season and soon if you try it, you will notice that after adopting the Mucus-less (aka ‘Daniel” Diet ) for a while, you will feel more satisfied and honestly are better nourished with one kind of fruit than with all kinds of scientific mixtures or made up foods.

Still, let’s face it, to reach that state of assimilation for the body could take quite a while, so to accommodate the majority of the population, this transition and still very healthy and superior diet is being offered. As you will see it has cooked, steamed, baked and raw foods for the systematic and intelligent healing of the body while still accommodating our modern times and habits.

Owing to the make-up of fruits and the fact that they are relentless eliminators of diseased substances, you should not try the complete fruit fast until you are quite certain that most, if not all of the dangerous waste matter has been eliminated from your body. This is why most vegetables, both naturally raw and cooked, can and should be used as they work thoroughly but much more slowly and gently.

The fruit diet in itself could be seen as the ultimate litmus taste, if you are able to live on it comfortably, without any untoward reactions, you are healed. To test this the best way, according to Teresa Mitchell in Arnold Ehret’s Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Rejuvenation, you can make certain by observing the reaction to a fruit fast of no more than a twenty four hours duration. If the result is a severe headache, dizziness, bad breath, thickly coated tongue, increased mucus discharge from the throat and nose, it is quite certain that you are not ready for a pure fruit diet.” In fact for quite some time, I will not suggest you eat just fruits, unless you really want to and can handle it, a diet which would be inclusive of fruits during the day and vegetables at night will be more conducive for most.

There are several ways you can eat the Daniel diet, which really is the Mucus-Less (or alkaline forming/body healing) Diet by simply eating just Fruits, Fruits and Raw Vegetables or Fruits and Raw or properly cooked vegetables. You don’t have to compromise taste, enjoyment, fun in the name of the diet. You don’t have to count calories, be worried about quantity etc as you would on another diet; this is simply you eating what you are supposed to.

Nonetheless, you will have to avoid some things, and if you have read all the related articles prior to this one, you should know why by now. Here are 2 quick reminders:

1. According to well renowned research the cause of most diseases-an arguable 98% of illnesses including but not limited to Stroke, Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Gout, Arthritis, Miscarriages etc-is in the consumption of improper foods.

2. The main cause of any illness in human beings is in what they EAT or DO NOT EAT.

See you in the next article in Part 3 of this series.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at


“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”–Arnold Schwarzenegger


This article is written by Foras Aje, an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and out”, which provides tips on how to improve and maintain your health using all natural methods. For more information on these guidelines:



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