Popular Items That Are Actually Unhealthy

Popular Items That Are Actually Unhealthy

In a related article, I discussed the use and resultant safety of honey and this actually could be seen as a follow up to that particular article as there are several other commonly used items that may be actually quite unsafe for human consumption.

Here goes:

Eggs: These are even worse than meats. Research has shown they are very constipating and its white is dangerous, acid forming and too high in protein qualities.

Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Chocolate, Coffee, Teas, Yeast: Each of these can be replaced with much safer and healthier options or truly can be done without. Replace vinegar with lemon juice; Carob for Chocolate; Fake Coffee (made of grains) for Coffee and Tea. However, try to refrain from drinking excessively hot beverages as they have the tendency to burn the stomach lining, if it’s too hot for your fingers or tongue, then it’s probably too hot for the way more sensitive lining of your digestive system.

Another anecdote comes to mind, when I first began the mostly vegan diet, I got the popular Juiceman and began juicing in earnest.

Since the maker said to go with organic products, I literally would go all the way to WholeFoods (the rich man’s grocery store in my honest opinion) and buy pounds of carrots, apples, grapes, beets etc and juice them. This went on for several weeks till my brother asked me plainly: “Why don’t you just eat the damn carrot and save your time and money?”

Maybe my brother was just sick of the noise I was making and the time and space I was taking in the kitchen, I have never asked but another noted authority in the Mucus-Less Diet (Healthy Vegan Diet), Dr Stanley Burroughs puts it best by saying “We always need the whole product instead of the various separated units such as carrot juice, vegetable juices, etc. We throw away the pulp- fiber- and take only the juice. There are many needed properties in the fiber also to assist in properly handling the juices. Is it not feasible that the lack of them can cause deficiencies or imbalance? We know from excellent results that carrot juice, celery juice and other vegetable juices are excellent but how much better can they be if left intact and taken as is. Can we possibly get as much good and complete nutrition from drinking a dozen carrots without the fiber as we can from properly chewing the whole carrot and eating fewer carrots?

He is quite right.

It’s safe to leave things intact the way they were and not try to recreate or separate things at least excessively for several reasons.

Season of products: Apple Juice in summer defeats the purpose, as apples shouldn’t even be consumed at that time.

Cleanliness: Hey, you never know ‘who touched what’ to make what you are drinking.

Necessity of The Fiber-The fiber is there to push substances out of the alimentary canal to keep it clean since the fiber acts as an intestinal broom.)

Still, let’s not get too fanatical, the occasional glass of carrot juice is WAY much better and safer than a glass of milk, soda, milkshake. So, juicing may be done with some reservations. However, on a personal note, I don’t juice anymore since I don’t have the time for or the interest in it.

For those who have said eating a diet of predominantly fruits cannot be safe, effective, I have this simple analogy to offer.

Thanksgiving comes around and the average family stuffs themselves up with the following:

1. Turkey

2. Ham

3. Macaroni and cheese

4. Green Beans

5. Gravy

6. Corn bread or rolls

7. Mashed Potatoes

8. Stuffing

9. Cranberry Sauce

10. Pumpkin Pie, cherry or apple pie

11. Butter

That’s give or take 11 different items AND I have not discussed breakfast, lunch and snacks in between.

Let’s be fair for a minute here, I am not going to say some items are healthy or some are not. All I will say is for the average person, isn’t the scenario just: “I want to eat for the pleasure of eating and stuff my stomach up. Then every so often pop a supplement for vitamins or whatever.

Then you have someone who says: “Okay I want to eat just fruits and vegetables and on an average summer day have a feast on a juicy, ripe watermelon, later on some cantaloupe, then some honey dew melons, then some sugar plums, mangoes and maybe for dinner some steamed broccoli and mashed avocadoes with a dash of sea-salt.”

You tell me, who seems to be eating better?

Moreover, I have always wondered what the fuss is all about.

You can fill your stomach up with fruit for all the sweet tastes you want and for creaminess and fat, eat some avocados with a little bit of salt (or not if you can go without), it’s that simple.

Now that I have gone over to a degree the pros and cons of this diet thus far, I still have to let you know that if the fruitarian/raw vegan diet appears to be extreme, you don’t have to go that far. You can always eat fruits during the day and salads/steamed vegetables or soups at night as illustrated here. To conclude, you will still be light years ahead in improvement of your health


Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent.
– Marilyn vos Savant, Author and Advice Columnist


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