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How To Lose the Gut With Yoga

Let’s face it; perhaps the most noticeable way to tell if a person is overweight is by the size of their belly.

It is what it is and this is not to be insensitive but even most if not all people who may happen to be overweight usually gesture to their guts when discussing their weight loss goals by saying: “I want to lose ALL this!”


Moreover, even for people who may not necessarily be over-weight, having a trim looking belly is still a goal. Perhaps that’s why there are so many infomercials hyping up the next best exercise equipment for the abs.

Well folks, although it just appears most of the time to be a stretching exercise, what you may not be aware is that-of all exercises-Yoga actually can help immensely for weight loss in the abdominal region.

Some poses are made solely to target excess weight in the abdomen and coupled with a customized diet; those seeking abdominal weight loss would find success in using these yoga exercises.

Moreover, for the Sivananda, Kundalini and Iyengar styles of yoga that I am familiar with, all of these three have specific abdominal and breathing exercises that involve mainly the core muscles.

Still for those who may not want to get into all that, not surprisingly, again, there are specific asanas (poses) in yoga that are great for abdominal weight loss or losing the gut.

1. The Sun Salutations: Although they are usually used as a warm-up routine for a yoga session or class, these exercises which are a combination of Yoga Poses, breathing exercises and meditation involve specific forward and backward bending exercises that upon their use will not only restore lost flexibility, proper breathing habits and strength to the limbs, but will also bring about a marked reduction in the size of an overweight belly.

I singled these wonderful exercises out as they form the basis of a successful yoga routine and could be a stand-alone session on crunch-time days. However the other poses I recommend to literally ‘crush’ the protruding belly while simultaneously toning and re-shaping the abdominal regions are:

2. The Inversions-If the headstand sounds to intimidating, the shoulder stand with its counter-poses should do just fine.

3. The Head to Knee Forward Bend

4. The Bow Pose:

5. The Spinal Twist.

6. The Peacock Pose: (aka Mayurasana)

I am quick to stress that for females, depending on your needs for those biological times of the month and during pregnancy, some of these poses (inversions & Peacock namely) may have to be avoided and the rest-if at all used-should be done with care.

In addition, it is advised that one eats a proper and healthy diet to enhance the effect of these poses.

Here’s to health.

Foras Aje

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